Jumbo Supermarkets

Jumbo Supermarkets

Veghel, NL

Principal Java Developer

To shape the future of food experiences

As a Java developer at Jumbo, you will focus on the backend of our e-commerce platform. Working at Jumbo means working in an international agile minded working environment with many technical challenges. Our e-commerce platform has to keep up with our everyday growing customer base, and that’s why we are looking for the best developers. Are you a software craftsman who, can write maintainable, clean and testable code, but can also contribute to the development of the team? Then this is your chance to join our Jumbo development family!

Jumbo Tech Campus: where it all happens

Jumbo is the second-largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands and has a great ambition on their online presence. Last year Jumbo’s e-commerce turnover doubled. We are transforming into a more technology-focused company. In our Jumbo Tech Campus, all technical professionals are brought together. We are organized based on agile principles and our 300 IT professionals work in multi-disciplinary scrum teams. You will work on innovative products and services which we release more and more by continuous delivery. So, you will be working today on a new food experience that our customers will be able to use tomorrow!

There’s no “I” in Jumbo

As a Java developer, you will be part of one of the scrum teams. Each scrum team has all the skills to be able to implement a user story from A to Z. Your agile team consists of developers, business analyst, tester, scrum master, product owner and DevOps engineers. Together you will work in sprints of two weeks.

We give a lot of autonomy and responsibility to people. Within teams we expect you to take ownership and to help the team improve continuously. At our Jumbo Tech Campus, we want to write maintainable, clean code. We review each other’s code and try to learn from each other whenever we can. We continuously test and analyze the performance of our system to keep up with our ever-growing customer base.

Whether it’s our order management system, website or apps; the backend of our e-commerce platform is crystal clear to you. We strive to make online shopping for our customers better every day and, as a Java developer, you can add value in many ways: you create and improve features, work on performance, user experience or clean up technical debt.

Your main tasks as a Java developer

  • You play an important role in re-architecting our platform from a monolithic architecture to a Microservices architecture deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS);
  • You write maintainable and clean code which you continuously test
  • You will be part of one of our scrum teams and work closely with front-end developers and DevOps engineers. All our teams are agile, working in Scrum or Kanban.
  • You try to coach other team members as much as possible: review each other’s code and try to learn from each other

Do you have the Jumbo DNA?

We are looking for Java developers with a passion for their craft, who care about the quality of the code and of the products they create. You enjoy working in a Scrum-based team. You do not wait for things to happen, you make things happen. You have a passion for software development and love sharing it with your colleagues. You speak and write English fluently, and can tick all of the following boxes:

  • 12+ years of experience as a Java developer, preferably in an e-commerce environment;
  • You are a software craftsman. You care about the code you write, and you promote software development best practices and principles within the team and the department;
  • You have experience with Java SE 7 & 8, Spring framework, JUnit, Hibernate and Tomcat as well as with development tools like Jenkins, Git, Chef and Maven;
  • The code you write has been shipped with tests. TDD is not a must, but encouraged;
  • Continuous delivery is not a mystery to you;
  • In Git we trust!

You will get to the top of our list if you:

  • Have experience with other languages ??like Scala or Kotlin;
  • Have knowledge of web services using SOAP or REST communication protocols and message queuing;
  • Can’t live with technical debt and you advocate why it’s important to pay it off;
  • Are flexible enough to work in standby shifts every now and then;

You will code for food

Shaping the future of online food retail is a challenging job. We will offer you plenty of space to develop your own initiatives and lots of opportunities to grow, both personally and in your area of ??expertise. Also, you will be surrounded by the best and brightest talents to share your ideas, knowledge and memes with.

Of course, you’ll receive a competitive salary and great working conditions. But even more important:

  • We value your code more than your dress code;
  • We are a food retailer so of course, you can have a delicious lunch in our food café;
  • we are a family company so we want you to become part of our “Jumbo Tech Campus” family;
  • We will give you 30 days of holidays a year, so you can enjoy your well-deserved free time;
  • We offer a working environment in which you can learn, grow and have lots of fun! For example, you can participate in our daily foosball competition;

About Jumbo Supermarkets

Working at Jumbo is working in an ambitious and entrepreneurial family business. We offer a very challenging job. You get a lot of room for your own initiatives and lots of opportunities to develop yourself in your area of expertise and personally. We have a lot of chances for your experience and knowledge. Jumbo believes strongly in the qualities of its people, you are our capital. If you feel at home with Jumbo you’ll become your best and we all benefit from that. Our challenges at Jumbo are enormous, just as our opportunities. Because we want to make it better for your customers every day. That’s why we’re looking for people to join our 60.000 colleague’s in making Jumbo better, every day. We at Jumbo like transparency, therefore this request: we appreciate it if companies don’t offer their services unsolicited.