Yaraku, Inc.

Yaraku, Inc.


NLP Developer

About the position

As an NLP Developer, you’ll be responsible for the conceptual and theoretical aspects of language-related features in our application. You’ll work closely with the development team to apply NLP-related research into a practical, production-ready implementation.


  • Experience with Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Able to take research articles and journals and apply practically
  • Knowledge of Web Development
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field or 10-years Work Experience (for Visa purposes)


  • Experience with NLP-driven applications is a plus
  • Experience with AI or Machine Learning is a plus.
  • Experience or knowledge of DevOps (Docker, Ansible etc) a strong plus.


  • Visa sponsorship
  • Full Employment under Japanese law (which includes National Health Insurance and Pension)
  • Commute Fee covered
  • No Overtime
  • Remote work possible


Annual: ¥5,000,000~

About Yaraku, Inc.

About Yaraku Yaraku is a small start-up located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Our focus is primarily on our web-based Translation Management System application. Work deeply without interruptions As developers, we love getting in a flow state, where we become so fully absorbed in programming that almost magically time stands still as code pours out of our fingers. The enemy of this state is interruptions, and so we’ve built a culture that avoids them. For instance, rather than having someone come over to your desk to ask a question, they’ll send you a message through Slack (and you’re free to turn on do not disturb mode so you don’t get annoying notifications). If you’re the kind of developer who likes to pop in your headphones and code in silence for hours on end, this is the place for you. Freedom and responsibility You’ll get to choose the tasks you work on, and be responsible for all stages of development: from design to implementation to testing to deployment. We take a hands off approach to management, and so no one is going to tell you exactly how to do something. Rather, you’ll have the freedom to choose yourself what approach to take, and even which technologies to use. Craft quality code We know that taking the time to create clean, quality code pays dividends in the future. Management understands this, and so rather than being pushed to quickly hack something together, you’ll have the time needed to create beautiful code. Your gateway to Japan Our team is made up of international developers from around the world, and English is our common language around the office. If you’re looking to move to Japan, we welcome you to apply - no Japanese is required and you don’t need to be living in Japan yet. Our response to COVID-19 Employees are working from home and will continue remote work in the foreseeable future. For overseas candidates, we’ll have you work remotely until we can secure you a visa.