Baltimore, MD

Mid-Level Node Javascript Developer (Ecommerce Startup)

$90,000-$120,000 / YEAR

Next time you order something online, think about all of the millions of things that have to happen, and go perfectly as planned to get that package to you in the next 24 hours. What seems simple at first, is quite complex, with tons of moving parts, both machine and human. At Whitebox, your curiosity is rewarded by unveiling the inner workings behind ecommerce.

Join a fun, fast paced team of ecommerce experts. Whitebox has spent years building and refining ecommerce automation technology that is changing how ecommerce works. At Whitebox, you’ll automate the millions of steps that take place behind the scenes, from an order being placed online to the time it shows up on the customer’s doorstep.

This complex ecosystem fosters a growing need for data analytics, user interfaces, database design, API connections and server infrastructure. After getting a VC funded A round, Whitebox is proving itself with hyper growth, and we need talented engineers, with an interest in complex problem solving, to take us to the next phase of design and development.

The Team

Whitebox is all about automation. The an entire ecommerce team has grown to from 3 to 20 to 40 to now 150 people over the last year and a half. You would be part of a dedicated team of 4-8 developers that provides an engineering foundation for the entire team.

The Dev Team

We’re a diverse group of engineers with a focus on Javascript. We have experience in many adjacent fields from robotics to art. Everyone brings an interesting perspective to the table, and we welcome challenges and ownership.

Startup & Growth

I can’t stress enough through text how much growth potential there is for a developer at Whitebox. Our team has been growing very fast, but we have kept a small number of developers. Joining Whitebox at this early stage means you’ll be a part of making key technology decisions, freedom to ask why and help understand the purpose. You could grow in any number of directions, whether that be software architect, lead developer, manage a team, or focus on programming.

Day to Day

  • Build internal user interfaces for our team as well as clients.
  • Build Typescript, Javascript and NodeJS scripts that automate 90% of the rest of the teams manual work.
  • Solve problems around load, efficiency and power when it comes to running complex queries and processing data.
  • Design mySQL database structures and analyze data to help draw conclusions and make data driven decisions.
  • Help your team automate every aspect of their jobs.

Nice To Haves

  • Amazon MWS API experience
  • Shopify API experience
  • EmberJS Experience

Need to haves

  • 2-4 years of real world programming experience
  • Expert with Javascript (ES6)
  • Experience of NodeJS
  • Experience with HTML & CSS

About Whitebox

Whitebox's mission is to connect manufacturers to their end customers and grow their ecommerce business. However, the dev teams mission is to automate every possible part of the process. A few examples:Instead of having our support staff contact Amazon every time Amazon fails to receive the correct amount of inventory from us, the system automatically submits a reimbursement claim. When a client adds and deletes users to their team, our email marketing list is kept in sync so we're never emailing users who were removed. We manage about 45 Shopify stores. Instead of logging into every store to pull some report that's not in the API, we use Puppeteer to log into every store for us. With a single push of a button we can update thousands of listings on multiple online marketplaces.