AT Innovations

Long Beach, CA

Marketing Coordinator – Entry Level

$49,620-$55,000 / YEAR

The Marketing Coordinator will effectively describe and promote our organization and clients’ products and services across a variety of marketing and sales tactics while adhering to brand guidelines and regulatory requirements. Our Marketing Coordinators work with a team of approximately five other more seasoned marketing specialists who will assure the newcomers have access to all of the tools and data needed for the optimization of the launch of their new career with our firm. This work involves a complex series of steps, including learning the fundamentals of marketing and sales, client knowledge, relating with different types of potential leads, interviewing, recruiting, scheduling, reports, management on a small scale and ultimately managing on a larger scale.

How you will make an impact:

  • Collaborate with team members to drive the strategy and promotions of our clients

  • Develop various marketing and sales approaches and manage the relationship with the potential consumers

  • Optimize current campaigns and create new ideas to enhance them

  • Identify new ways to segment and create targeted messages for potential consumers

  • Work closely with our marketing and management team to evaluate data and continue improving the client’s deals

  • Improve sales tactics deliverability by gaining an understanding of new deals, promotions and how to relate to various customers

  • Become an expert in the specific sector of the clients you are representing to establish a new client base and rapport with existing clients

Job Requirements

An ideal candidate looks like this:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or a related field preferred

  • 1-2 years of marketing and/or sales background, with experience managing projects

  • Experience working in a team environment

  • Experience working with brand marketing and or customer service background a plus

  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to oversee multiple projects and processes

  • Strong problem-solving abilities to identify issues and quickly respond with solutions

  • Intellectual curiosity to constantly be learning, testing, and benchmarking in a dynamic space

  • A collaborative personality with excitement to work with marketing managers, a creative team, and an established marketing/sales training program in order to constantly drive results

  • Strong project management skills to initiate, plan and execute projects from start to finish

  • Exceptional attention to detail in order to catch small mistakes and master detailed processes

  • A proactive and driven nature to independently learn and develop new program ideas