Ensign InfoSecurity (Cybersecurity) Pte Ltd

Ensign InfoSecurity (Cybersecurity) Pte Ltd

Singapore, SG

Full Stack Developer

S$60,000-S$144,000 / YEAR

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Familiarize with Ensign’s business domain and objectives to develop and deploy analytics web applications that meet internal business requirements and the needs of partners and customers
  • Involved in the design of intuitive web UI/UX and develop innovative web applications that provide interactive cyber security insights and analysis functions
  • Involved in the evaluation potential solutions relating to analytics web applications and make recommendations to solve business problems
  • Support in the management and administration of on-premise / cloud-native applications and platforms
  • Directly provide monitoring, maintenance and support for system operations as part of M&S as required in commercial projects
  • Embrace the challenge of dealing with gigabytes to terabytes of data on a daily basis
  • Deliver detailed documentation and ensure quality throughout project lifecycle


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Information Systems/Computer Engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum 2 years of experience working on web applications
  • A creative thinker who understands User Interface design as well as other visualizations skills such as typography, interface design, user experience design and visual art design
  • Able to understand and turn abstract information from data analyses into appealing and understandable visualizations that clearly explain the results of the analyses
  • Need to have the necessary programming skills to build the visualizations (e.g. Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, PostgreSql, etc)
  • Experience with at least 1 web development frameworks (e.g. RubyOnRails, Django)
  • Experience with at least 1 javascript UI frameworks (e.g. ReactJS, AngularJS)
  • Experience with using Git version control system.
  • Able to select the best data visualization technique based on the characteristics of underlying data in order to illustrate certainty, patters or other statistical concepts that will guide decision-makers and stakeholders.
  • Strong awareness of data security, data governance and performance, with an ability to deliver these key non-functional requirements
  • Excellent technical skills