Ciber Global, LLC

Ciber Global, LLC

Dearborn, MI

Full Stack Developer

We are seeking an experienced full-stack software engineering professional familiar with Lean, Agile, and eXtreme Programming (XP) practices.

This role will collaborating closely and continuously with fellow engineers, designers and product owners, you will help build, validate and release innovative software products early and often.

Responsibilities include:

Validate and release applications using continuous integration and continuous delivery tools
Work in collaborative environment including pairing and mobbing with other cross-functional engineers
Work on a small agile team to deliver working, tested software
Work effectively with product owners, product designers and other technical experts
Develop exceptional user experiences with backend APIs using frameworks such as Spring Boot, Angular, React, and VueJS

Skills Required:
Proficiency with test-driven development (TDD) and strong understanding of clean code concepts
Pair programming experience
Continuous integration/continuous delivery tools and pipelines (e.g., Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, etc.)
Iterative development experience

About Ciber Global, LLC

Global leader with over 45 years of experience in IT Consulting, Managed Services, IT Application Development and IT Outsourcing. Together we work together to create and maintain an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. You will work side by side with our clients and have long term opportunities to advance your career with technologies you enjoy.