Specific Energy

Specific Energy

Austin, TX

Frontend Software Engineer

$75,000-$125,000 / YEAR


As a Front-End Software Engineer at Specific Energy, you will work on the team that develops and maintains the customer-facing user interface for all our products. Our front-end team is responsible for delivering the highest quality user experience to our customers on desktop and mobile devices. You will contribute to an interface that is used by companies around the world to monitor and maintain their industrial equipment.  You will work closely with the backend team and use customer feedback to continually improve and push updates and features to users.  We have an agile approach to development.

Specific Energy has been around for 10 years and has the benefit of an established installed base and proven run-time.  We are a small company and require everyone to wear multiple hats. As a Front-End Software Engineer you would have the unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an emerging technology company and play a key role in growing this business and gaining mainstream market adoption.


  • Deliver best-in-class user experience for our customers
  • Work closely with the back-end development team
  • Design new user interfaces and components
  • Mock-up designs in Sketch or Figma
  • Iterate designs based on user feedback


  • 3+ years of experience building web applications with JavaScript (ES6), HTML5, and CSS
  • Experience working on SaaS applications
  • Familiarity with bug & error tracking platforms
  • Familiarity with good software development practices
  • Ability to write performant JavaScript
  • BS in computer science, engineering, or related technical field
  • Strong communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • iOS development experience
  • UX design experience
  • Android development experience
  • Experience with front-end analytics platforms
  • Some experience with C++
  • Websocket experience


Georgetown, TX is just a short 15 minute drive north on i-35 from Austin, TX.  The majority of our team lives in Austin.

About Specific Energy

Specific Energy originated out of a desire to create pump optimization  and analytics for water and wastewater producers.  Our engineers not only succeeded in this mission, but additionally created a cellular, cloud-based platform that enables end-users to do analytics at the edge and use their data to do real-time process optimization.  They realized that simply providing the analytics was not enough, that the data needed to be accessible and presented in a user-friendly format.  Our development team is small and agile and we are laser focused on providing our users with a seamless experience that provides immense value to their operations.  We are proud to be able to deliver amazing customer experience and proven results in the form of real energy and maintenance savings.  Our team believes that the collective team is always smarter than the individuals.  We work in a tight-knit family environment.  We are looking for clever developers who enjoy solving complex puzzles and delivering clean, simple solutions to help us expand our product offerings as we expand our footprint.