Zeplin, Inc

Zeplin, Inc


Developer Advocate

$160,000-$180,000 / YEAR

As the Zeplin crew, we’re building an app used by tens of thousands of product teams daily. While creating a common language for our fellow designers and developers, we care deeply about building a product that delights them.

About the Developer Advocate Role

Engage with the front end & full stack developer community, including millions of developers already using Zeplin to bring designs to life. We are seeking a Developer Advocate to join our Marketing crew to drive engagement with the developer community. You’ll be responsible for attracting, engaging, and enabling developers to understand and gain value of Zeplin. You’ll act as a subject matter expert on value proposition of Zeplin for developers including the Zeplin API, webhooks and integrations. You’ll creating highly useful content and trainings for the community, while at the same time diligently advocating on behalf of developers internally to help expand the functionality of the Zeplin platform to meet their needs.


  • Serve as a leading voice in the front end developer community and spread the word about Zeplin and the value we offer developers
  • Create engaging content, including technical talks, blog posts, demos, documentation and videos to help developers understand the value of Zeplin
  • Engage in the developer community across online forums such as Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Twitter – as well as through in person meetups, trainings, and events
  • Be the voice of the developer audience internally during product discussions and evaluating priorities of bugs and feature requests

Key Requirements

  • 6 years work experience, 3 years in front end development with a focus on technologies such as React, Vue, GraphQL and whatever comes next
  • You are an active member of a developer community
  • Experience, expertise and passion to teach developers about best-practices and new technologies, whether in-person, by writing tutorials or by recording a video.
  • Passionate about design & development and can’t get enough of trying out new things to share them with others
  • Experience giving technical talks within an organization, at meetups, or at events.
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills and have experience with writing technical documentation or tutorials for a developer audience
  • Self-motivated and are able to prioritize multiple tasks
  • You embrace asynchronous online collaboration and ensure both your peers and your audience are successful

About Zeplin, Inc

About Zeplin Zeplin is a connected space for product teams where they can share designs, generate specs, assets, and code snippets. In just 5 years, we’ve reached over 4 million users from thousands of product teams, including Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Microsoft and many many more. We’re a Y Combinator startup, also backed by amazing investors like Elad Gil, Mike Maples, Kevin Hale. We’re a small, distributed crew with offices in San Francisco, Istanbul and London, UK. Engineering and Product at Zeplin As the Zeplin Engineering and Product Crew, we’re building a product used by thousands of product teams daily. While creating a common language for our fellow designers and developers, we care deeply about building a product that delights them. Web App Crew Our Web app team is building the next generation of Zeplin’s Web applications, engineering for performance across browsers while delighting users by making the best Web software we can imagine. Our Web app and backend run on AWS, built on technologies like React, Node.js, MongoDB and Redis. macOS Crew Our macOS team is building the new features of Zeplin for our macOS app, as well as engineering performance and improvements to the existing codebase. Our macOS app is a native application built using AppKit and written entirely in Swift. Backend Crew Our Backend team is building the next generation of Zeplin’s API and real-time collaboration services, engineering for performance across scalability, redundancy, and reliability. Our backend stack runs on AWS, built on technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, and RabbitMQ. Developer Experience Crew Our Developer Experience team is building the first generation of Zeplin’s developer platform, which allows third-party tools/partners to fully integrate with Zeplin through API, webhooks, and extensions. Design Integrations Crew The Design Integrations team is working on Zeplin’s current and future integrations with design tools like Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD, extending them to support new features and products while directly communicating and empathizing with engineers from these design tools.