Lionel HR, Inc

Los Angeles, CA

Delivery Driver

$15-$15 / HOUR

Will be responsible for loading goods from the warehouse into your truck, transporting the load to the client’s location, and unloading the shipment when you arrive. Driver must always drive safely and be professional and courteous.

1st Shift Available 

Must be a Class C/B driver


Job Requirements

  • Navigate a delivery truck while making deliveries
  • Establish an efficient route of delivery to ensure timely delivery
  • Fill orders for delivery to customers
  • Using the company delivery truck
  • Meet a scheduled delivery or pick-up time
  • Creating delivery routes and loading/unloading packages
  • Operate a vehicle equipped with a standard (manual) transmission, lift gates and other material handling equipment
  • Deliver and pick up packages at a consistent pace during a full work shift, while maintaining acceptable performance and safety levels
  • Describe the general nature and level of work being performed by persons assigned to classification
  • Request an exception or change to, or an accommodation of, any condition of employment . including the UPS Uniform and Personal Appearance Guidelines))
  • Receive delivery or pick up instructions or changes in scheduled deliveries or pick-ups
  • Obtaining new customers along a delivery route
  • Protect product in delivery vehicle
  • Operate company vehicle to complete daily delivery/pickup route
  • Organize medications and delivery sheets for delivery
  • Keep delivery truck clean at all times
  • Sort materials for efficient delivery and pick-up
  • Operate company equipment and delivery truck
  • Assist drivers in product delivery
  • Ensure delivery vehicle and equipment