Redlands, CA

Cloud Database Administrator – ArcGIS Online

Be responsible for maintaining and administering highly-available systems in a 24/7 cloud environment. You will work with a fast-paced, skilled team of database administrators and developers across multiple high-profile projects. If you are a top-notch DBA and looking for your next challenge, apply now!


  • Create, maintain, and administer cloud databases in a highly-available 24/7 environment
  • Ensure databases are highly secure, available, and recoverable
  • Proactively monitor and tune databases for maximum performance
  • Install, configure, patch, and upgrade database software
  • Create documentation around impact analysis of changes
  • Create performance indicators to locate and correct problems
  • Handle seamless failover and recovery
  • Manage monitoring and alerting for performance and uptime
  • Provide database technical support for application development teams
  • Oversee upgrades to application databases for new releases


  • 3 years of experience in database administration with strong replication and high availability knowledge with MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Knowledge of NoSQL cloud databases such as AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Ability to work in a DevOps mode
  • Ability to handle multiple read instances
  • Strong performance tuning skills in a large database environment serving millions of users
  • Ability to run trace reports and analyze results, then recommend options for problem resolution
  • Expertise in running and administrating databases in a cloud environment
  • Storage and capacity planning
  • Bachelor’s in computer science or related field

Recommended Qualifications:

  • Understanding of cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Azure
  • Knowledge of DevOps tools such as Terraform and Puppet/Chef,
  • Experience with cloud database services such as SQL Azure DB and RDS Aurora/MySQL/PostgreSQL

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