Cloud Backend Engineer, Digital Consumer Products (remote)

This is a brand new team, starting from the ground up to redesign and implement a new technology stack for an existing user-base in the Automotive Enthusiast industry. You will get a chance to help define team practices, Software Architecture, tools, and processes and be one of the foundational members!

The team will operate with a high degree of independence and focus on building a greenfield customer experience and APIs in the insurance and automotive enthusiast industry for one of our largest clients. Think of it as a well-funded startup inside a thriving business. The team will work towards a goal of replacing legacy applications service a wide array of customer-facing experiences.

You should have:

  • Passion for software that is future-proof and sets an example for best practices
  • Obsessed with developer experience and tooling
  • Eagerness to share your experiences and opinions on how to build robust APIs and Services
  • 4+ years of experience as a Backend Engineer building enterprise-scale and production-ready applications.

*denotes must-haves (or must learn it quickly)

Key experience:

  1. Ability to take ownership of work items and help cultivate new ones with a Product-first mindset*
  2. Exposure to GraphQL or REST API concepts and implementation patterns*
  3. Experience with microservices & event-driven system architectures


  1. Node.js / TypeScript*
  2. Previous experience with C#, Java or similar strongly preferred
  3. Infrastructure as Code tools (Serverless Framework, CDK, Terraform, etc.)


  1. AWS Cloud Services* (Lambda, DynamoDB or Aurora, API Gateway)
  2. Familiarity with GraphQL ecosystem

To thrive as a member of our team, you must:

  • Operate with an ownership mentality by taking initiative
  • Able to operate remotely and independently
  • Have excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Be able to operate for working hours within 2 hours of EST
  • Be passionate about learning and improving the craft of Engineering

About Superformula

SUPERFORMULA is a modern digital product studio. Lovingly crafting world-class products through experience, design, and engineering for top brands around the world. Every platform. Every device. We are a global team with plenty of enterprise and startup experience. A mix of analysts, creatives, strategists, technologists, and engineers. Currently situated in SEA, NYC, PDX, CHI, ATX, LAX, and S.America. Executing products in all digital touch-points and ecosystems. We're working primarily in the hospitality and automotive industries and have growing products with aggressive and challenging roadmaps. We support and encourage remote working environments as we support asynchronous communication and collaboration.