Armored Things

Armored Things

Boston, MA

Backend Software Engineer

$110,000-$140,000 / YEAR

In this full-time role, you’ll develop software to perform streaming data analytics and sensor fusion from the edge to the cloud, design the underlying distributed processing and machine learning pipelines and activities, and build a large-scale modeling and simulation environment to predict occupancy, movement and patterns of life.  You’ll work on a modern hybrid cloud architecture where responsiveness, elasticity and scalability are essential.

Your responsibilities will span the spectrum of development including research, design, implementation and support; and you will have the opportunity to grow and contribute to other areas of product development based on your interests and abilities.

About You

This is a great opportunity for strong software engineering candidates with functional programming experience and a practitioner’s familiarity with data engineering and machine learning to work on spatial analytics problems in an early-stage environment.  (We also have a limited number of internships available for students with similar interests and education.)

You should have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, or equivalent experience
  • At least four years experience in full-time production software development
  • Fluency in at least two languages like Scala, Clojure, Haskell, Python, or Java
  • Prior experience with (and a solid understanding of) functional programming
  • Past experience with stream processing, data pipelines and reactive systems
  • Familiarity with CQRS, Event Sourcing, and Kappa and Lambda architectures

We are a Boston-based company and while we are all working remotely, the ability to get to our Boston office for meetings and collaboration a few days a week will be important as we return.  All candidates must be legally authorized to work in the US and not require sponsorship for employment visa status.

About Us

Armored Things provides a spatial analytics and crowd intelligence platform that shows where people are, shows where they have been, and anticipates where they will be in the future–while preserving individual privacy.

Our platform combines real-time streaming, event processing, distributed machine learning and simulation to analyze and fuse data from existing IoT, mobile, safety, building and information technology sensors and systems into a complete view of people in space.

We’re a small team of smart, passionate people with deep backgrounds in data science, AI, cybersecurity, and public safety—and a commitment to making a real difference through the products we’re creating and the company we’re building.

About Armored Things

We are a mission-driven team creating technology to keep our communities safe. As part of our small team of smart passionate people with deep backgrounds in data science and cybersecurity, you'll work on things that are new, difficult, meaningful and a bit crazy. You’ll have an outsized impact on our business and our customers. You’ll help determine the right thing to do, and we’ll support you doing the right thing, all in a fast-paced, collaborative and transparent environment.