Pipa Studios

Pipa Studios


Backend Engineer

What We Expect

A strong programming ability and a problem-solving approach through complex algorithms.

You have good software development knowledge, are collaborative and like to be part of decision making discussions about technology and architecture.

You care a lot about your self-development, but also focus on developing your team-mates.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Development of multiplayer games environment and remote application, with focus on performance, reliability, scalability and security.
  2. Coding process development, quality and automation
  3. Remote services integration and APIs.

About Pipa Studios

Pipa Studios is a mobile gaming company. To be more specific, we specialize in Social Bingo. Maybe you haven't heard of it, but it has been part of our lives since 2012, when we first created and launched Praia Bingo, now one of the world's top bingo games!So far, it's been an incredible journey. We are one of the biggest gaming companies in Brazil and we keep growing with new products and new ideas. We couldn't have achieved this success without the dynamic, creative, talented and innovative team we have. Believe us, we have amazing people here! We are looking for capable people who continuously seek to self develop and show enthusiasm and creativity. And equally as important, people who share the same mindset we have and promote a collaborative environment. We have the top grossing game, made by a Brazilian company, in the Google Play store in Brazil - PRAIA BINGO.