Back-end developer (Python)

About the product
GeniusWireâ„¢ is a platform used to discover, curate and analyse millions of eCommerce brands. Access the most accurate collection of Brands and eCommerce insights. The platform is currently in Private Beta Testing, and will be released by the end of the year 2021.

What you will do

  • You’ll work with others to build new product features from start to finish, including API features. Behind every great feature, there are smart workers, therefore you will be involved on the brainstorming and conception phases of each feature.
  • You’ll improve the performance and reliability of our databases and app infrastructure.
  • You’ll enhance the Search Engine of the product.


  • Python: You have a proven experience in building web applications using Python. You have a strong understanding of the API first approach, and know how to work with FastAPI. Your python background also includes: Task queue management (Celery), Deployment knowledge (Docker), ORM Experience (SQLAlchemy).
  • ElasticSearch: You have previously contributed to the development of a Search Engine and have experience with “ElasticSearch” and also preferably “Open Distro for ElasticSearch“.
  • Data architecture: You have previously established the right data architecture for a company’s needs and provided guidance on best data practices for the business. You have a strong knowledge in SQL and know how to manage data at scale.
  • AWS: You have a deep knowledge on AWS services, and are familiar with at least the following: Lambda, Batch, Api gateway, S3.
  • Problem solver: You can decompose tricky problems and work towards a clean solution, by yourself or with teammates. You’re comfortable asking for help when needed and reaching out people outside of your team.
  • Hacker mindset: You believe that everything is possible, and it’s just a matter of approaching a problem with the right mindset. You are a creative thinker and love to push your limits.
  • Team player: For you, work is not a solo game. You love collaborating with people and you enjoy spending time with your team.
  • Empathetic communication: You can easily explain complex ideas to developers and to people without technical backgrounds. In disagreements, you engage thoughtfully with other perspectives and commit to the best solution. You are an effective listener, and speak fluently english and/or french.
  • Passionated and driven: You love to solve complex issues and are genuinely excited about solving customer problems.
  • Location: Remote / work from home flexibility.

Bonus Point

  • You have previously built great tools with small teams and/or launched entrepreneurial projects.
  • You have interests outside of technology, such as arts, sports, travels, photography or gaming.
  • If you want to relocate to Canada, we could help you on that ??

Hiring Process

  • Interview with Maxime Yahouedeou, Product Manager.
  • Interview with Bogdan Ivanov, Lead developer.
  • Take home Assessment.
  • 1 paid full-time week with the Product Team (as a Freelancer).
  • Interview with one of our founders.
  • Offer.

How To Apply
Send us a message at and shortly explain us why you would be a good match for this job position. In your message, please include a link to your LinkedIn, Github and/or Portfolio

About Nolk

Founded by serial Canadian entrepreneurs with a history of successful exit, Nolk aimed at solving current eCommerce challenge facing entrepreneurs using advanced technology and design. Our team is globally distributed and we value our diversity.