Jackson Heights, NY

AWS – Software Engineer

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AWS – Software Engineers are one of the most exciting and
in-demand developer jobs available. Amazon Web Service Engineers
code websites or applications on both the server and the
client-facing side.

It is a role that fuses both creative and practical concerns, as
these engineers are responsible for everything the website user
encounters, including scrolling functions and graphics, as well as
creating the logic, database interactions and server configuration
on the application’s backend.

In addition to programming the various features of client-side
and user-side applications, AWS Software Engineers are expected to
upgrade and maintain both the back and front-end as needed.

As new technologies emerge and platforms are expanded, the role
will likely transform to suit these changes.


  • The development and maintenance of client-side and server-side
  • Working with other web developers as well as marketing teams
    and engineers to ensure the right look and necessary features are
    included in your work.
  • Designing tests that will be implemented to keep software
  • Stay on top of expanding technologies and engineering
  • Skills

  • Proficiency with HTML and CSS
  • Being able to code with languages like JavaScript, Core MVC,
    and ASP.NET, Go Language, Swift and Docker.
  • An adroitness with SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C#, C / C++ and
    Java for Front-End and Backend programming.
  • Building and accessing databases with NoSQL and Node.js
  • Understanding the ins-and-outs of HTTP protocols, developer
    tools, SSL certificates and web application architecture
  • Keeping track of changes made to code with Git version control
  • 3+ years working with AWS systems and deploying to them.
  • These Would Also Be Nice

  • Good communication skills
  • Thriving as a member of a team
  • Understanding the needed technology for web development
  • Keeping business needs in mind
  • Wanting your work to appeal to clients
  • Having the desire to continuously grow and learn