Shape A/S

Shape A/S


Are you fluent in iOS and Swift?

Are you passionate about developing state-of-the-art apps for your iPhone? Do you enjoy working alongside talented people, who enjoy a good game of chess or PlayStation? And do you perhaps miss the company of not one but multiple office furry friends? Then maybe you’re the iOS Developer missing from our team at Shape.

When you step into the office at Islands Brygge, you will meet some friendly faces in the lounge area, where some enjoy the couches as their working space or the place for an after-lunch battle on the PlayStation or Xbox.

You will quickly notice the, somewhat, nerdy décor consisting of Lego in the shape of various Star Wars figures, and a chess board waiting to be played on, while you hear English being spoken among colleagues and several different accents from all over the world.

But what will I be doing there? Is probably your next burning question.

At Shape, we work on many different projects within vastly different industries, so no two projects are the same. You will work in teams with other developers with various backgrounds and tons of knowledge, which they are happy to share – and hope you do the same. Some days may entail developing new features, while others may consist of bug fixes or advising customers.

What skills should I possess to be successful in this role? May be the next question, you ask yourself.

Curiosity drives you, and you are as eager to follow new trends as we are. Most importantly, you are motivated to be part of not just a team but a culture that welcomes everyone and encourages social activities.

Oh and… Of course, experience with developing native iOS apps using Swift and iOS SDK, and an interest in design patterns and well-structured code and workflows would be a great starting point.

Social activities, you say… What does that entail, you may wonder?

Come Friday 3 pm, you will see a friendly face offer you a cold beverage of your choice to go with the snacks already ready in the kitchen. Friday bars, after work outings to the local bar, activity clubs, and movie nights are just some of the many invites you will receive.

Have we not convinced you to join out team yet? Or perhaps you’re ready to fire off that application and CV? Then get in touch with us.

About Shape A/S

Shape is an open and flexible working environment. We strive to ensure that you never have that disappointing Sunday night feeling when Monday is looming — everyone should look forward to coming to work and love what they do for a living. We are highly protective of our culture and we would rather be understaffed than risk hiring the wrong person. But if you do join our team, you will notice that there are several reasons why this is not like most other jobs.