What makes good culture? Simple. The people.  At You.i TV, we want everyone to be their best selves and have a great time working, learning, growing, and playing with their teams. From weekly events like trivia and fun contests to instructor-led yoga and meditation to playing Magic: The Gathering, we pride ourselves on the individuality of our people. It’s a core principle that drives how we operate—from who we hire, to how we invest in wellness and personal development, to how we design our space. What it’s like to work here: People would describe our working space (physical and virtual) as a Game Studio meets Collaboration. Since many of our Engineers come from the video-game industry we have elements of this genre infused in many aspects of our environment. Our meeting and brainstorming rooms are named after video games (yes there is a Mario and a Luigi room, respectively). We have creative breakout spaces with whiteboard walls, pods, and even hammocks. We really appeal to all working styles to ensure there is nothing in the way of You.iers being as creative and productive as possible. We are big on open-communication. Our CEO hosts monthly TownHalls, communicating important initiatives, wins, financial updates, and answers any questions about the business anyone may have. Everyone feels they can contribute and make an impact at all levels of the organization. He also sends out a bi-weekly CEO Update, to keep everyone connected while working remotely, and hosts regular coffee sessions to chat about anything and everything. Recent Awards 2019: Best Performance in HR (Best Ottawa Business Awards)2019: Best Ottawa Business (Best Ottawa Business Awards 2018: Best Team Award (#SeriousTechLivesHere: Best Ottawa Business Awards)2017: Canada’s Fastest Top 50 (Deloitte)2016: Canada’s Fastest Top 50 (Deloitte)2016: Top 25 Best Places to Work (Great Place to Work Institute)
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