WSM is a solutions integrator with a core focus on migration and transformation services. WSM pioneered the migration services industry in 2003, and today is the largest specialized migration services provider in the world.  Our team of business analysts, consultants, architects, data migration engineers and software developers have tens of thousands of hours of experience in planning and executing the migration of servers/workloads, applications, and complex IT infrastructures. As an SI focusing on migration and transformation services, we are not limited to pushing a single tool or solution to accomplish every migration project. WSM's consultants and migration engineers develop a custom detailed project plan for every migration project. Our migration plans may involve one or many different cutting-edge software solutions coupled with industry leading professional services to ensure uptime requirements are met, the migrated applications/workloads are fully tested, secure, and ultimately fully functional at the target environment. Additionally, WSM's team provides strategic consulting and technical services in the following areas:Target Architecture Planning Discovery and Dependency Mapping Dev/Ops Tool Chain Implementation Scalability Disaster Recovery Design Security Vulnerability Scanning and Hardening Application/Workload Development Server Monitoring and Server Workload/Application Maintenance
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