We see digital change as key enabler and success factor for the sales and purchasing industry where traditional business processes are radically transformed, challenging the collaboration between business partners, stimulating collaboration and requiring realtime decision support. Our vision is to scale B2B relationships and to deliver network value by digitizing all business processes starting by peoples' relations, corporate solution integration and transaction management. wescale is an innovative cloud platform for digitizing business processes of all kinds. Starting with procurement-related activities such as shopping and approval of shopping carts, it's our mission to be the central access point for all internal business processes of our clients. wescale features a social network of buyers and suppliers, provides access to all apps that are in use within a company and guides users on how to do the right thing at the right time using the appropriate tools. We are passionate about supporting businesses of all sizes in realizing their digitalization strategy while keeping the balance between sales, purchasing and partner requirements on our platform. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage everybody to apply who feels to be up to the challenge. Sounds exciting? Just apply right away and become a part in bringing our vision to life as well as our team and product to the next level.

WPS Management GmbH

Backend Developer (Java)

What you will do:

* You will be responsible for maintaining, extending and improving the backbone of our platform
* You will work with state-of-the-art cloud applications like Google Container Engine, Google Compute Engine
* You will design and implement microservices to be deployed with Docker and Kubernetes
* You will work in close relationship with our product owner to deliver features that are loved by our clients
* You will work in a young and agile team of professionals
* You will solve existing and challenging problems for our customers
* You will write clean, scalable, maintainable and easy-to-read code
* You will work in sync with other team members, share knowledge and make suggestions for improvements

Skills & Requirements

Whom we are looking for:
* You are self-driven and proactive
* You are passionate about programming and quickly pick up new technologies
* You have experience in developing scalable, secure and error-proof backend features
* You have excellent understanding of Java backend development

* You have experience with Spring Frameworks, microservices an REST
* You are aware of performance and scalability aspects of Java
* You are willing to take responsibility for our product
* You are careful, reliable and pragmatic, always eager to find the best solutions while minimizing technical debt
* You like to collaborate with your co-workers and are interested in sharing your knowledge without developing a huge ego
* You love and live the values of agile software development and understand basic principles like test-driven development, code reviews and continuous delivery
* You feel comfortable working with UNIX environments and know your way around the command line
* Some aspects are not required but would be a plus: understanding of fundamental search engine concepts: Solr, Elasticsearch, Large data processing and NoSQL