V&V Management.

Philadelphia, PA

Director of Home Care Services

$12,000-$145,000 / YEAR

1. Have experience scheduling staff in a 24x7 environment that serves multiple locations.

2. Possess familiarity with typical business functions (i.e. accounting, payroll, AR/Aps, etc.) for private pay and insurance clients.

3. Have knowledge of PA’s Community Health Choices program, Medicare Waiver program and providing personal care services through Manage Care Organizations (MCOs) which would include knowledge of HHA Exchange and invoicing requirements.

4. Responsible for developing a high performance team that brings all internal functions as well as external partners together.

5. Requires the successful management of remote work arrangements and the implementation of I.T. communication tools as required during COVID protocols for the organization.

6. Promote interdepartmental cooperation and communication, which may result in mediation of faculty/staff disputes.

7. Develop employee excellence through recruitment, retention, training, motivation and reward.

8. Establish performance goals with supervisors and evaluate their performance.

9 . Manage, control, coordinate, and supervise the fiscal activities of the agency, including funding development, budget negotiations, generation of patient care revenue, and contract preparation, negotiation, and approval.

Job Requirements
  • Advance individual patient plan of care
  • Delivering the highest quality in patient care
  • Ensure the delivery of quality patient care
  • Direct delivery of patient care
  • Enforce high standards for the quality of patient care
  • Develop and direct nursing administration and patient care
  • Directing and managing all aspects of patient care delivery system for assigned patient care units
  • Perform basic patient care activities to patients in assigned area
  • Manage clinical patient care activities, workflow and nursing resources
  • Assure coordination of patient care services across the continuum
  • Drive and how support patient-centered care practices
  • Assure high quality and proper follow-up patient care with regard to patient needs
  • Ensure that nursing standards of patient care and standards of nursing practice
  • Oversee all direct and indirect patient care services provided by clinical staff
  • Solicit staff and patient feedback
  • Organizing and conducting a team approach for patient care
  • Insure that assigned nursing staff communicate with other health care disciplines to facilitate coordination of patient care
  • Assure continuity of patient/family care in all settings
  • Implement a patient care service system for / designated department(s) that ensure quality care and optimal patient outcomes
  • Organize and direct all patient care functions and activities