Visium Resources

Huntsville, AL

Electronics Technician

$30,500-$56,000 / YEAR
Visium Resources has been asked to identify candidates for the following Electronics Technician position in Huntsville, AL.
  • Candidate shall update and create mechanical, electrical, electronics/computer communication and network drawings for the Avionics Integration Lab, which includes planning for the receipt and operation of the AFSS system, to include drawings for the integration of COTS and Autonomous Flight Safety System (AFSS) Hardware (HW), and any relational HWIL flight equivalent test facility HW and Software Engineering Development Test Systems (EDTS) integration with AFSS.
  • Candidate shall take on the responsibility of the AFSS preparation work for AIL: interface with client Focal on AFSS, get footprint and power information, Coordinate with client AFSS Focal on L3 training for operation of the AFSS system which includes the AFSS Ground Test Equipment, coordinate training for two AIL personnel, AIL floor layout/elevation drawing, and pending receipt of AFSS equipment– integrating/installing the AFSS equipment into AIL and perform operational checkout with client acceptance.
  • Candidate shall develop, maintain and release facility layout updates, electrical/mechanical drawings, systems designs or engineering documentation and data in accordance with AIL Operations Plan, D201-11754-1, industry standard, ASME-Y-14.41 using same or compatible client design tools. The client will review the sketches and checklists, adjudicated and store in a Secure File Share for configuration management and control. The Candidate will have Read access to the File Share.
  • Candidate shall assemble hardware per sketches and perform operational checkout of the assembled hardware. All hardware will be purchased by the client; assembly will be performed on site.
  • System checkout shall include: Candidate to obtain test scripts from the client or clietn Candidate of AFSS, obtaining simulations from the client, and running the simulations and test scripts to check out the configuration of the assembled system(s). A test checkout report shall be due 10 days upon completion of testing, and shall include the checklist, along with recommendations for corrections, enhancements in the future, and issues and recommended resolutions.
  • Candidate person will have a seat/computer provided by the client at building facility.
Job Requirements
Qualified candidates would have the following:
  • Candidate must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • A security clearance is not required; however, candidate must be able to pass a background check.

This is a full-time position located in Huntsville, AL that is expected to last 6 months.