ABOUT VELOCITY Velocity delivers a single-source approach to managed services, continually earning the trust of its growing client base in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment industries. With an in-house team of experienced software development and engineering experts, Velocity delivers customized, customer-focused, and best-in-class solutions by integrating the latest technologies into all its product offerings. Velocity also manages digital signage and DOOH media solutions within the same verticals. Founded in 2005 by Greg Kiley, CEO, Velocity is a privately held company with approximately 500 employees. Headquartered in Holland, Ohio, with offices in Kansas City, Charlotte, Miami and San Antonio. The company has 13 redundant data centers, more than 5,500 certified technicians throughout the U.S., and 450 carrier agreements and is a CLEC in all 50 states. For more information, visit http://www.velocitymsc.com.


United States

Senior iOS Mobile Developer

$11,500-$13,500 / YEAR
Position: Senior iOS Mobile Developer
Department: Product Development
Work Schedule: Days
Salary:  Exempt
Supervisor: Manager of Software Development
  Velocity, A Managed Services Company is looking for a  passionate and experience Senior iOS Mobile  Developer who wants to play a critical role in the development, design, and build of high-end, scalable software solutions to fit both the company’s and clients’ needs. You will integrate with a team of like-minded individuals who are self-driven to succeed, have positive attitudes, and use innovation to both meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Responsibilities
  • Design, build, and maintain native applications across iOS mobile devices with priority on a positive user experience, multi-platform compatibility, and scalability.
  • Create clean and reusable components to be used across multiple views and/or projects.
  • Write clean and modular code that adheres to standards, minimizes technical debt, and improves code coverage.
  • Keep quality at the forefront of all work that is performed.
  • Create an outline of features and issues to help track improvements that are needed on new and existing projects.
  • Perform occasional self-evaluation on personal skillset and work on improving and learning new concepts and technologies.
  • Perform all duties and tasks as assigned in order to fulfill departmental and business needs.
  • Passionate in creating solutions for end-users with quality-focused design and functionality.
  • Self-driven and focused in order to achieve a high level of productivity and turnover of tasks and projects.
  • Upholds an elevated attention to detail to ensure superior solutions are applied in all work.
  • Demonstrates strong problem-solving skills and has a knack for debugging code to find issues.
  • Utilizes excellent communication skills to discuss and plan projects and work and interactions with customers are always positive.
  • Collaborates well within the team to provide feedback on others’ work and integrates well during project work in order to sustain accurate and timely solutions.
Knowledge and Abilities The following qualifications are required in some capacity in order to succeed in this position.
  • Deep understanding of iOS and Swift development with experience in implementing this language in software development with respect to practices (TDD/CI), paradigms (Functional/OOP), and common design patterns.
  • Familiarity with C/C++/Objective-C to debug and or extend lower level modules.
  • General knowledge of device simulators and use of terminal commands, process management, and networking concepts for efficient local testing.
  • Experience with version control systems using Git and Git-based repository services (GitHub/GitLab).
  • General knowledge of web and mobile device security, the integration of CORS and CSP, and the familiarity of common OWASP concepts.
  • Experience with implementing code testing including functional, integration, and unit tests.
  • Experience with development tools including IDEs, terminals, and web browser dev tools.
  • Deep understanding and usage of Swift styling concepts, responsive and mobile-first design, and supporting multiple orientation and device widths.
  • Experience configuring and using web tooling features such as compilers, module bundlers, and linters.
Optional Knowledge and Abilities The following qualifications are not needed but are considered extremely beneficial when working this position.
  • Knowledge of Section 508 Compliance and the ability to implement WAI-ARIA and WCAG on both new and existing projects.
Minimum Required Experience
  • 6+ years developing interfaces and applications using frameworks and/or modern libraries with iOS/Swift.
  • 6+ years of utilizing iOS/Swift for mobile app development.
  • 6+ years of demonstrable development experience and/or relevant education.
Preferred Experience
  • 8+ years developing interfaces and applications using frameworks and/or modern libraries.
  • 8+ years of demonstrable development experience and/or relevant education.
  • Portfolio demonstrating relevant experience and project work.
At Velocity, we offer the following:
  • An opportunity to build a solid career with competitive compensation
  • Paid Time Off
  • 401k
  • Competitive benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision and Short- and Long-Term Disability coverage
  • Great Work Culture