Central to everything we build is the engineers, designers and product owners behind it. We're a big family with people from all kinds of backgrounds, ages, personalities and career goals. Each team has their own way of working, socializing and require different things to keep everybody happy. We play to the strengths and goals of each individual and give our teams common grounds but leave room for them to work in the way that works best for them.We believe that transparency leads to a more inclusive workplace and better decision making. Everyone shares their progress and plans across our entire force - from management, acquisition and hiring all the way to design, tech and product. We're all on a first name basis and new ideas and the next project more often than not come from our frontline engineers. We try to keep our teams between 4-6 people to be able to work efficient and agile. This way we can help each other when need be, work together and deliver. All in a scrum based setting with daily stand ups and clear sprints.

Utopia Music

Stockholm, SE

Backend developer

Join our teams - Alpha One, Magic, FlaminGo, Dystopia, Discovery and Sygaldry and work, learn, play and grow together with a bunch of experienced developers (and music enthusiasts) while creating a music ecosystem that works to the advantage of all participants.


We are building a better world for music with innovative big data technology that tracks online music sources and translates them into meaningful music consumption reports for royalty collection. The solution we’re building does not threaten to usurp the role of industry incumbents - it is about bringing transparency in the industry and supporting efficient royalty collection.


As a developer you’ll work in one of our teams consisting of 3-4 developers, an agile project manager and a lead developer. We are starting every morning with a breakfast when at the office, then a stand up and concluding sprints with a review and retrospective.

You’ll be working on our backend system and its continuous development. With your teammates you’ll be solving heavy database related challenges and you’ll be continuously making an impact.

At Utopia we support your learning and growth as an individual and a developer by daily knowledge transfer, pair programming and mob programming sessions within the team as well as external seminars and education.


We are not dogmatic about tech stack and we welcome experienced developers with different skills. Our stack is Golang and Node.js though and we’ll require you to solve a case and show us your understanding of one of the two mentioned technologies.

  • You are a passionate and skilled backend developer (knowing some frontend is a plus) that already has a couple of years of experience
  • Independency working with either Golang and/or Node.js
  • High quality code is even more important to you than the Force
  • You love to learn and you love to share the knowledge
  • Preferably you worked with MongoDB and/or SQL
  • Knowing ES6, TypeScript and/or React is a plus
  • Fluency in English
  • Good communications skills
  • Good self organisation skills and strong personal integrity


You can go through 5 (currently all video) interviews. Here are the steps:

  1. You send us your CV and a cover letter in English.
  2. We invite you for an introductory phone/video call to get to know you better and share more about us.
  3. You get the technical test and unlimited time to send us your solution.
  4. Our lead developers evaluate it and we provide you with the feedback.
  5. You have 3 more meetings - with one of our lead developers and the Team Manager, with the Hiring Manager and with your potential new team.


We come from different backgrounds and we welcome everyone who finds theirself in previously written to apply. Welcome to Utopia - Where Music Lives!

We’re eager to meet you! :)

Please note that we don't provide relocation support, only work permit sponsorships at the moment.

Remote work refers to those who live in different parts of Sweden.