The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) coordinates the nation’s organ transplant system, providing vital services to meet the needs of men, women and children awaiting lifesaving organ transplants. Based in Richmond, Va., UNOS is a private, nonprofit membership organization. UNOS members encompass every transplant hospital, tissue matching laboratory and organ procurement organization in the United States, as well as voluntary health and professional societies, ethicists, transplant patients and organ donor advocates. UNOS’ electronic network, known as UNetSM, allows transplant professionals to register transplant candidates on the national waiting list, match them with donated organs, and enter vital medical data on candidates, donors and transplant recipients. UNOS systems are designed for continual operation, as any lapse in system availability could mean transplant candidates lose an opportunity for a lifesaving transplant. UNOS also continues to adapt to our members’ emerging use of and need for newer technology such as mobile devices and tablets, and to integrate effectively with the increasing use of electronic medical records. UNOS also maintains a uniquely comprehensive database of all U.S. transplant candidates and all who have donated organs or received transplants since October 1987. This database serves the interests of transplant professionals, researcher and the public. DonorNet® increases efficiency and ensures equity A key technology application within the system, DonorNet®, electronically manages organ offers by collecting and filtering data before sending offers to hospitals with compatible transplant candidates. Specialized algorithms take into account a broad spectrum of data and vital statistics related to both donors and the potential recipients. This system allows the rapid and efficient consideration of organ offers, which can lead to more lifesaving organs being accepted and transplanted.

United Network for Organ Sharing

Richmond, VA

Software Engineering Manager Who Loves .NET / C#

Software Engineering Managers are responsible for the continual improvement of themselves, the teams they manage, and the organization as a whole. They drive software quality, design, development, deployment, and customer service excellence for the organ transplantation community. This role emphasizes four critical areas necessary for the success of the organization. These are employees, customers, quality, and processes.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

· Ensures team is adequately staffed, resourced, and trained to successfully fulfill that responsibility.

· Define clear vision and goals of team that continually challenge them to stretch and grow as a team.

· Responsible for forming teams through recruiting and staffing efforts to balance experience, skills, personalities, etc. to create the ideal team dynamic.

· Hold regular staff meetings to inform employees and manage expectations.

· Continually evaluate individual contributions to teams and actively manage for team health: coaching, encouraging, providing training opportunities, administering disciplinary action, relocating, hiring, retaining, and firing.

· Hold regular one-on-ones to understand career development goals of team members, provide feedback, and update professional development plan to grow the individual.

· Complete and administer annual performance reviews.

· Survey teams for examples of UNOS core values; recognize, reward, and encourage continued displays of values.

· Participate in code reviews.

· Participate in the review of business epics and stories.

· Prioritize the team’s work; execute tasks associated with the work assigned to the team.

· Communicate information in both technical and layman’s terms.

· Must embrace agile values, believe them, live them, and encourage others in adopting and utilizing them on a daily basis.

· Continually monitor impediments raised by the Scrum / Kanban teams and look for ways to make incremental changes in policies and structure to remove them.

· Monitor flow of work both upstream and downstream of the application development process and continually work to align it with external workflows.

· Ensure we maintain the code base to support Internal & External users.

· Participate in portfolio planning to align upcoming projects with the correct teams. Help create the long term roadmap.

· Work with Service Owners and teams to provide estimations for the committees, the BOD, customer innovations and other non-OPTN efforts.

· Work with the PMO to ensure successful project delivery.

· Manage post production support of releases to the user community.

· Support & enforce software engineering best practices and standards and Industry standards.

· Leverage software engineering metrics to continuously improve.

· Support the Software Engineering Architectural Roadmap.

· Explore new technologies which will benefit software engineering to help our code base to be more modular, easily maintained, faster, more reliable, scalable, and better aligned with the industry.

· Lead horizontal efforts across software engineering.

· Foster an environment of creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement. Encourage “out of the box” thinking.


4-year degree in computer science or other related field of study, or equivalent profiessional IT leadership experience

Minimum Requirements:

· Entry level experience managing or leading a team of software engineers required. 1+ years of overall people management experience preferred.

· 5 years of software development or other related professional IT experience required. 7+ years of IT experience strongly preferred.

Critical Skills:

· Experience with Agile development and methodologies preferred.

· Active participation in the technical community.

· Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills.

· Strong problem/issue analysis and resolution skills.

· Demonstrated ability to lead projects and/or teams in a software development environment.

· Active participation in the technical community.

· Experience with Agile development and methodologies preferred.