Trilliant Health

Brentwood, TN

DevOps Cloud Engineer

$100,000-$130,000 / YEAR

Are you an experienced DevOps engineer with a passion for solving problems at scale? Are you adept at working both independently and collaboratively with a cross-functional team of talented experts? Would you be excited to work on greenfield projects in which you can help shape the future of a growing healthcare analytics company?

We're looking to grow our Cloud Engineering team, where our new DevOps engineer will solve complex challenges, contribute to innovative use of emerging and established technologies, and work on a team thatĀ brings an optimal combination of skill, scale and cost for each stage of the product development lifecycle.

  • Histo?ry of architecting initiatives through collaboration and integrity.

  • Experience with full lifecycle, CI/CD pipelines for software development teams.

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills that favor simplicity over complexity.

  • Ability to facilitate rapid, iterative deployment of new product features to maintain stability and performance.

  • Deployment and management of updates as they become available to minimize disruption to ongoing operations.

  • Track record of actively troubleshooting issues that arise during testing and production, resolving before they launch.

Icing on the cake

  • 4+ years of experience in DevOps, SRE, Software Development or an equivalent field
  • Academic background in Computer Science / Engineering (BS / MS) or related
  • Experience with development and deployment of Kubernetes, Helm, andĀ associatedĀ technologies
  • Running Apache Spark applications on Kubernetes
  • Experience developing containerized deployments using Docker
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Technologies we currently use:
Microsoft Azure
Apache Hadoop
Apache Hive
Apache Spark
Azure Databricks

About Trilliant Health Cloud Engineering

At Trilliant, your contributions to the Cloud Engineering department will be instrumental to the success of our internal teams to help build, promote, and scale our solution(s). We are an agile team that emphasizes rapid and iterative development to support our varied workflows. Automation is at the core of what drives our internal development processes and scale our solutions.