About Tiled, Inc. Our mission is to improve the way organizations communicate. Designed for medium and large enterprises with field and inside sales teams of 50 or more, Tiled enables presentations that are built for conversations. These interactive presentations (“microapps”) are easy to build, share and measure. Our platform enables non-developers to create interactive, rich content experiences that perform like native apps or fully coded websites. Tiled is a seed-stage, craft software company founded by the founder of Lucid Software. We are located in San Diego, with team members in Washington, New York, and Utah. We are seeking employees that are self-motivated and proactive and thrive in an environment where there is always more to do than people available. We offer salary, benefits and stock option packages that are designed to align your opportunities for compensation with Tiled’s success.

Tiled Inc.

United States

Senior Engineer (Fullstack)

Senior Engineer (Fullstack)

Location: San Diego, CA (Remote)

Who are we?

At Tiled, we believe experiences bring people and ideas together. Our mission is to unleash creative storytelling. Tiled is an interactive content platform built for the new age of communication. Our no-code story builder lets teams create, share, and edit their content anywhere, anytime with actionable analytics to scale their impact.

What you’ll do

We get it. We’re devs too. You're looking for a real software challenge solving real problems and keeping things interesting. You want to work with a team you get along with, where your voice will be heard, your experience is valued, and the code you write will have a real impact.

That’s Tiled. We've got a solid team and interesting projects you could work on from day 1.

To name a few specific examples:

  1. Driving component-level architecture and upgrades.
  2. Implementing a visual drag and drop system for building workflows based on logic and triggers (functional responses to incoming data changes).
  3. Analyzing and improving performance of our React application, through component virtualizations and webpack code-splitting.

This is a great opportunity (not that we’re biased) for a passionate engineer who wants to have a big impact on a growing company in an exciting start-up environment. You will participate in regular discussions ranging from development stand-ups to the high-level product roadmap and everything in between. Many opportunities to flex your big brain will present themselves and there will never be a shortage of opportunities to help more junior engineers level-up or new, exciting challenges for you to constantly improve your personal skill set. Collaboration is vital to our agile product lifecycle, where we actively measure our new features and changes. By consistently validating our ideas and rapidly prototyping we ensure that both our product and our team become stronger with each sprint.

Let’s do this! Are you the talented, collaborative senior engineer we’ve been looking to add to our development team? Along with the engaging technical challenges, Tiled also provides tremendous flexibility and work-life balance. With team member locations ranging from the bottom of the west coast in San Diego to The Bay area and all the way up to the top in Seattle, our remote working sessions are a fundamental source of productivity and bonding.

Successful candidates will have:

Experience with the following technologies:

  • Javascript
  • React
  • Node
  • Express
  • Webpack
  • Mocha/Chai

Proven ability to:

  1. Optimize the rendering of web page components for an application using React and webpack.
  2. Optimize the delivery of web assets (images/videos/JS/CSS) to achieve fast web page load times.
  3. Leverage test-driven approaches to front-end development with the ability to dive into a large codebase, identify places that would benefit from tests and champion the case for them.
  4. Organize technical initiatives and provide technical guidance to other team members.

At least a few of the following

  • Storybook
  • S3
  • GraphQL
  • Progressive Web Applications

Bonus skills

  • React-Native
  • PostgreSQL
  • React-profiler

Why Tiled?

If you’re looking to make an impact, Tiled is the place for you! Tiled’s culture is one of being customer-obsessed, radically transparent, and boldly accountable.

 We offer competitive pay and excellent benefits including; health, dental, vision, and 401k

Other perks include; unlimited PTO,  and wonderful work/life balance. 

Tiled is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran status.

A definition of balance from our CEO

While we take pride in our work ethic and driving towards the summit of our craft, we also take pride in knowing that we’re aligning our time and priorities with the ultimate summit, to be surrounded on all sides by those who we love and are loved by.

We believe that our relationships are the primary motivator and that at the summit of life, the relationships that we’ve fostered will be our greatest legacy. These relationships — our immediate and extended families, our friends, our communities, our churches, our colleagues — these are the people (and furry friends) we intersect with daily. Call it family. Call it tribe. Whatever it is, we support the people that support us, and we believe achieving balance between work and family allows us to be our best selves and reach life’s summits. 

Time is the most valuable thing we have. We seek to spend our time with gratitude in ways that feel meaningful as we build towards our goals at work and at home. Spending time to serve and contribute to the world around us is as vital to our pursuits as our personal and strategic goals.

Come work with us!

Curious? Check out these live demonstrations of microapps built with our platform:

What is a microapp?

Life at Tiled