In geometry, an angle is formed by two rays that do not lie straight with respect to each other and share a common endpoint, which is known as Theta. At Theta, we take pride in being at the intersection of business & technology and the intersection of technology and its impact on the world. Theta’s position at these intersections allows us to intimately understand these worlds’ limitations and develop innovative organic solutions to unique problems. Theta’s co-founders have one mission, to challenge the “status quo” of current digital practices and bring to light how technical decisions devoid of technologists representing all of your targeted end-users can harm the viability of new tech and can oft-times cause digital projects to fail or reach intended goals. Theta’s co-founders believed that harnessing normally underrepresented viewpoints and perspectives during the engineering process can be one of the most substantial advantages a company can utilize to provide digital products and services. The way Theta does this is by following our representative engineering approach rooted in including the passionate perspectives and views of technologists from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender, or different social backgrounds that want to be of service to a purpose that affects everybody living in today’s digital revolution. This sole driving mission compelled our co-founders to create Theta and share our digital expertise in creating unique, scalable, and most importantly, viable digital solutions with clients over the last five years. Theta …at the intersection of business and technology; meet us there, let’s work together!


Baltimore, MD

Back-End Developer (.Net Core)

About the Back-end Developer (.Net Core) position

Theta is looking for an experienced Back-end Developer (.Net Core) that'll be responsible for the server-side of our client(s) web applications. You will work closely with our engineers to ensure system consistency and improve user experience.

We expect you to be a tech-savvy professional who can develop and maintain functional and stable web applications to meet end-user needs. Therefore you have to possess excellent programming skills and a passion for developing applications or improving existing ones.

U.S. Citizenship, Green Card, EAD required

Back-end Developer (.Net Core) responsibilities are:

  • Take part in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging.

  • Write quality code to develop functional web applications.

  • Develop and maintain UI tests to optimize performance

  • Debug applications and detect and fix errors

  • Work together with Front-end Developers to integrate UI elements with server-side logic.

  • Implement modern technologies to improve legacy applications

  • Collect, analyze and address technical and design requirements

  • Help to create reusable code and libraries for future use.

  • Train and support internal teams

  • Interact with developers, designers, and system administrators to identify new features

  • Stay informed about emerging technologies.

Back-end Developer (.Net Core) requirements are:

  • 4+ years' experience of working on Back-end Developer (.Net Core) position

  • Solid experience with programming languages like C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Python.

  • Excellent understanding of the entire web development process (design, development, and deployment) and application lifecycle

  • Good practical experience with CMS framework

  • Good knowledge of front-end languages (e.g., HTML, JavaScript, and CSS)

  • Strong analytical and time management skills

  • Good teamwork skills with a problem-solving attitude