At Syncro, our team offers a unique blend of personality and diligence. We’re dedicated to helping MSPs and IT Professionals achieve more with their businesses. We strive to create value for our customers and foster an environment of fun, kindness, humility, and creativeness for our remote team. We like to work hard and keep learning!

Syncro / RepairShopr

United States

Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails

We build software for Managed Service Providers in the IT industry and we make managing their businesses a labor of love…especially when they are using our software. ?

If you can answer YES to any of these, you might be a great fit with our team:

– Are you a hands-on learner and love figuring out new software?

– You are always competing with yourself to be better.

– You enjoy working on a product that makes other people more efficient and happy.

– You're ambitious and goal-oriented.

Our software does job tracking, marketing, invoicing, integrates tons of online tools, and makes work fun. We are a different kind of software company — we know that making the lives of our customers easier and more fun is the way to build great long-term relationships.

We are using Heroku with 50+ dynos, our platform consists of a number of rails apps and integrations to other platforms.

We’re building a company that values human beings, creativity, trust, and inspires success and happiness in the lives of our employees and customers.

If this sounds like the kind of team you want to be part of, we want to hear from you.


- Salaried position designed to grow with the company (seriously, try us).

- We want this to be your dream job and to help you make that so.

- We are focused on personal and professional growth and we’ll keep you challenged, learning, passionate, and growing.

- Close-knit team — every person counts.

- Flexibility: We’re results-oriented and want to help you create a position that suits your life.

- We're currently a dispersed team working from home.

- We offer health benefits and a 401(k).

What you'll be doing:

- Making our product even more awesome.

- Improving our codebase and infrastructure.

- Lots of building and inventing.

- Keeping us up to date with what you are learning.

- Bringing in new technology you discover that might solve a problem.

- Coming up with improvements to many areas that are still sort of minimum viable state.

What we're looking for:

- Experience building applications, designing interfaces, etc.

- 5+ years of Ruby on Rails experience

- Comfort working on monolith applications.

- No specific education necessary (really).

- Excellent technical and interpersonal communication skills - verbal and electronic.

- You care -- which means sometimes putting yourself out there for a customer experiencing pain.

- You're a cooperative and creative problem-solver.

How to get hired by us:

Respond to this post with a story about a recent time or two that you caused a production outage, what the root cause was, and what you learned from it.

For example, Troy, our Founder shipped a typo in a class name a bit ago and those are annoying because they might be easily missed in Development environment but then production blows up. This led to a more robust CI+Staging step than we had prior.

And please include a resume. :)

SyncroMSP is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive and do their best work, free from discrimination and harassment.