Strata Oncology is a high-growth, state-of-the art, precision oncology company, delivering a new standard of care that integrates molecular profiling, decision support and clinical trial participation into routine practice.We do this by partnering with major healthcare systems across the country, who systematically send their cancer patients’ biopsies to our high-throughput CLIA lab for genomic sequencing, with results provided to the oncologist within days, indicating the tumor profile, and matches to appropriate therapies and drug trials. This accelerates the move to personalized medicine – providing the right medicines to the right patients at the right time.Our team is passionate about and committed to making a positive difference, now, in the lives of cancer patients and their families. Clinicians, pathologists, bioinformaticists, software engineers, lab technicians and more, coming together to give access to those without, uncovering insight that might be hidden, while spreading urgency to all.In our first four years we have established a nationwide network of leading health system partners, scaled a high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) laboratory, and importantly have provided actionable insight to the lives of cancer patients. It’s been a good start.Join us, as the team doubles in size over the next year from its current base of 50. Experience a career that connects a fast-paced team environment with a worthy pursuit – feel good about what you’ve accomplished at the end of every day!

Strata Oncology

United States

Full-Stack Software Engineer

$90,000-$130,000 / YEAR

At Strata our mission is to accelerate the impact of precision medicine for patients with cancer.

We are a team of innovative, insightful, energetic scientists, engineers, technologists and healthcare visionaries, striving to significantly improve outcomes for cancer patients.

We’re looking for talented, proactive people who are driven to help others, fulfill the promise of precision medicine for cancer patients, and cultivate their career path along the way. If you enjoy collaborating with inspiring teammates, creating and supporting products that really make a difference, we want you.

We're hiring an experienced full-stack software engineer for our Informatics team.

?‍? What You'll Do

Software powers everything that we do, from the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) tracking tumor samples to the data pipelines analyzing results to the portal conveying reports back to physicians.

The Strata Informatics team is responsible for all these systems, overseeing Strata’s interactions with several dozen healthcare partners.

This team is responsible for:

  • Development of Strata’s ordering and results portal
  • Integration, analysis, and reporting of data received from Strata’s partners
  • Creation and maintenance of internal tools used throughout the company
  • Integrations with electronic medical record (EMR) systems (e.g. Epic, Cerner)

? You Should Have

Technical Chops

  • 3+ years of full-stack professional development experience.
  • Core development experience in a language like Python, Ruby, Go, JavaScript.
  • Excellence in one or more of the following: React, MySQL, Postgres, OAuth, AWS, CI/CD, infrastructure as code (no one is a master of all).
  • Genomics, biotech, or healthcare domain knowledge (e.g. HL7, FHIR, EMR, NGS, FDA Approval) is nice-to-have but we don't expect batteries to come included.

People Skills, We Have People Skills

  • Empathy: You meet users where they're at; if they're frustrated, then you're frustrated.
  • Pragmatism: Technologies are important, but the problems you're solving are primary. Value isn't delivered until it's in the customers' hands. Time to ship matters.
  • The Team, The Team, The Team: You want to bring others along and join them on the journey. That means soliciting opinions (and offering yours), never hesitating to help out, and prioritizing what's right for the patient, Strata, Informatics, and yourself (in that order).

? Our DNA

With Ann Arbor roots and employees around the country, this is a phenomenal place to make an impact and move fast. We also have fun and support employees in their learning including paid conference attendance.

Within engineering, we believe that small teams have asymmetric impact and that asynchronous, thoughtful responses are more effective than instantaneous reactions.

Agile really does mean individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Practices like scrum or XP are nice, but if we use them, they serve the people; people don’t serve them.

Join us, challenge your career and skills, be rewarded, and make an impact on something that matters–the lives of cancer patients.

We welcome a brief cover letter with your resume submission. Tell us about yourself.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.

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