Storytel is Northern Europe's largest audiobook service. We offer tens of thousands of audiobooks and ebooks in more than 20 markets, with several new markets launching within the coming year. Storytel is an entrepreneur-driven company and is growing rapidly. More than 1 000 000 subscribers worldwide use Storytel to inspire and entertain. What we can offerExperienced co-workers in an open, welcoming, and professionally diverse environment Your own yearly budget for knowledge activities A Storytel Unlimited subscription to enjoy our service An internationally distributed development team with travel opportunities The chance to work with some of the newest technologies on interesting problems related to growth and scale A company full of book-lovers who love to share that passion Ability to work from any of our offices in Umeå, Stockholm, Karlstad, Lund, and CopenhagenSomething that we are especially proud of is our knowledge sharing culture, which is not only reflected in the form of your own yearly budget for knowledge activities. But also through our numerous tech clubs, free to join for anyone, with topics ranging from specific programming languages to standards and platform level discussions. If you feel like Storytel is a place where you could thrive, let us know! Our tech team In our team we have competence across the entire tech stack, including Backend Developers, Web Developers, Android Developers, iOS Developers, Testers, DevOps Engineers, Sysadmins, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, UX/UI Designers. Join us? View all our available job opportunities here: We're always looking for the best people, and if you don't find a job opening that matches your skills, you can always reach out to us at and we figure out together how you fit in. Do not send your CV to the email address, just tell us who you are and what you are interested in.


Stockholm, SE

Book Enthusiast Android Developer - Umeå, Karlstad, Stockholm, Lund, Copenhagen

Who are you:

You are passionate about using modern technology to create great user experiences. You get goosebumps when your code helps our users connect with their passion for books, get better sleep, and get entertained on the go! You’re not afraid of new challenges, and not afraid to compete with the biggest companies in the Tech industry.

You have:

?A couple of years of experience developing Android native apps in both Java and Kotlin

 ??Experience with Android Jetpack including ViewModels, LiveData, LifecycleObservers, etc

??A love for writing high quality, readable and maintainable code

?A good understanding of Android design patterns and Android development fundamentals

??Are comfortable interacting with REST APIs

?‍?Experience with Git or other version control systems

??Excellent at writing and speaking English