Stellar Science is a computer software company providing leading-edge scientific analysis software for its customers. With careful application of cutting-edge techniques and tools, we provide software that is robust, extensible, maintainable, and will continue to meet the needs of its users for years to come. Stellar Science is a phenomenal company for Software Engineers because of our: Culture of Scientific CollaborationChallenging Technical Work in Fascinating Domains Develop in C++17/20 Competitive Salaries Exceptional Benefits Unparalleled FlexibilityWe hire smart scientific software developers who love to create and maintain high quality, extensible code: OOP in modern C++ or Java.Accurate Physics Based Modeling & Simulation High Performance Computing Scientific Visualization Geometry & Image ProcessingApplication/Interview Process- 1. Candidate applies 2. Resume Review 3. Code Sample request or Coding Test assigned 4. Code Sample or Test is reviewed by Developer 5. Technical Phone Screen (Phone & Computer w/ interactive coding session) 6. Management Screen - (in person, Zoom, Skype or Phone) 7. Headquarters Interview (In person, full day, travel & lodging provided) HQ interview 9 am - 3 pm: interviewee gives a ~ 15 minute of something interesting (coding project usually) Q&A, 4 individual interviews about 40 minutes each with coding challenges (whiteboard or in IDE), lunch for everyone who wants to go, tour of the office, demo of a software tool, 1 hour interview with CEO.  Currently during COVID-19 Pandemic - the above interview is accomplished virtually. Perks- Stellar Science is a forward-thinking business that provides its employees with many standard benefits: Overview of Stellar Science Compensation Competitive wages for the area. Employer-funded SEP IRA = 15% of your annual salary fully vested – you choose SEP account Fully employer-funded health insurance – for family plus HSA of $IRS max allowable/year which will cover your deductible and co-pays etc. Fully employer funded dental, disability, and life insurance (2.5X salary Capped at $300K) Educational Assistance: up to 75% of tuition cost for BS or advanced degree in job related field $5250 max/yr (4 years max) 10 paid federal holidays (which may be floated as desired) +accrue  three weeks vacation Plus the flexibility to set your own working hours, work from home occasionally (as projects allow) and actually enjoy both career and life fulfillment. +unlimited coffee, soft drinks, tea +frequent snacks/ frequent office lunches +tech talks I also thought you might like some information about Albuquerque. Some links about Albuquerque & New Mexico:

Stellar Science

Albuquerque, NM

Emerging Modern C++ Software Engineer

Stellar Science is seeking Emerging Modern C++ Developers with some experience creating reusable, maintainable code to solve challenging math and physics problems. Recent or upcoming graduates with BS, MS, or PhD degrees desired, with a target start date of Summer 2021. Join our unique, collaborative team to help implement leading-edge scientific software tools in fascinating domains. 

The main requirements are that candidates be top-notch, responsible, self-motivated, honest, able to work well independently or in small teams, and be able to rapidly learn new languages, tools, and techniques as needed to meet mission requirements.  Experience writing modern C++ is also required.

Applicants who convey a passion for developing quality code through listed projects, a link to an active github account, or extracurricular software development activities, will be given preference.

Experience in any of the following is a plus:

•             Additional languages: Java, Python, JavaScript

•             Relevant libraries: Boost, Qt, Eigen, Guava

•             Cross-platform development on Linux and Windows

•             3D graphics: OpenSceneGraph, OpenGL, WebGL

•             Supercomputing: MPI, OpenMP, threads, GPUs

•             User interface development: Qt, Swing, Material UI

•             Continuous integration: git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, CMake

•             Image processing, imagery analysis, computer vision, computer aided design (CAD)

•             Aerospace vehicles, orbital mechanics, electromagnetics, space situational awareness

•             Modeling and simulation, including directed energy

A representative sample of your object-oriented C++ code will be requested early in the evaluation process, e.g. something you have written for work, for a class, or for fun. It should be long enough to help evaluate your programming and software engineering skills.

Extremely flexible work schedule & generous benefits.

US Citizenship required + willingness to undergo a background investigation. Positions are in Albuquerque, NM or Tysons Corner, VA (Washington DC area).  Remote work is not available.

Stellar Science is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity,disability, protected veteran status, or national origin, in accordance with federal regulations.