Southwood Psychiatric Hospital, LLC

Pittsburgh, PA

Physician Scribe / Case Management


The Physician Scribe is responsible for accompanying the clinical provider during patient examinations to transcribe clinician examinations, medications, diagnosis(s), and treatment team discussions into the Electronic Medical Record and physician progress notes in real time as needed by the physician. The physician scribe is also responsible for contacting outside providers to obtain collateral information to use in treatment and discharge planning, scheduling aftercare appointments as needed, in addition to notifying schools about patients’ hospital admissions. The physician scribe will assist facilitating phone calls between patient guardian’s and those involved in treatment with the patients in the hospital in addition to assisting in coordinating calls with insurance companies for reviews and grievances.

Scribe-Specific Duties

  • Have a knowledge-base of DSM and its usage General knowledge of substance abuse issues.
  • Knowledge of age specific growth and development
  • Ability to address cultural diversity and specific patient/family issues
  • Maintains competence in identified universal core and critical competencies
  • Attend treatment team meetings to capture patient information
  • Actively assists attending physician in the scribing of patient notes.
  • Display excellence in customer service skills, returning all phone calls from internal staff members and external customers (i.e. parents, schools, referral sources, etc.) within 24 hours.
  • Assist the provider in navigating the Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Chart Serve as a point of contact and coordinate phone calls between physician and families, insurance companies and other providers in addition to checking messages for clinician throughout the day
  • Locate information for review (i.e., previous notes, reports, test results, and laboratory results; Enter information into the chart/EHR as directed by the provider
  • Research information as requested by the provider.
  • Actively assists attending physician in the scribing of patient notes.
  • Bringing patients to and from the units to be assessed by the physician
  • Accompany clinical provider during patient examinations to transcribe examinations and other orders to the Electronic Medical Record in real time as needed by the physician.
  • Records diagnoses and assist in preparing discharge and/or follow-up instructions as dictated by the clinical provider.
  • Verifies the chart as needed for an appropriate coding level to ensure it has been documented correctly for the designated ICD-9 and CPT code.
  • Checking messages for physicians throughout the day.

Job Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree and/or RN/LPN degree with one year experience required.
  • Master's Degree in Human Services or a Master’s Degree with appropriate psychiatric experience preferred.
  • Two years experience as a mental health provider on a residential or related service unit.
  • Comprehensive Crisis Management (CCM) certification must be maintained to include annual refresher.
  • CPR certification renewed bi-annually or upon expiration of certification
  • Must be knowledgeable of the developmental stages and behaviors for age group of assigned clients
  • Maintains competence in identified universal, core and critical competencies.
  • Valid Act 34/34 clearances Knowledge of group dynamics preferred
  • Must meet job competencies within 90 days of hire.

Note: We are a drug free workplace & equal opportunity employer