Where Deep Science & Technology Meets Real World Applications Soul Machines is changing the way the world interacts with technology For innovators and brands seeking to communicate, collaborate and cooperate like never before Soul Machines™ is the first Human Experience Platform that gives you the ability to automate and personalise digital interfaces and interactions at scale. Soul Machines™ is a deep science and technology company fusing AI, computational brain models and experiential learning to usher in a new era of Human Experience across all digital platforms and interfaces. We are first applying our innovations to redefine customer and brand experience – through digital interfaces and applications ranging from service and support to sales and product. In the process we’ve created the world’s most human digital beings. Leading innovators and brands are using Soul Machines™ AI HX™ Platform to create, deploy and manage new forms of digital interfaces that operate independently. They are driving the shift from transmission to interaction. From content to compelling communications and powerful emotional connections. Our revolutionary AI HX™ Platform consists of Soul Machines Digital DNA Studio for creating and personalising hyper-real interfaces rapidly and at scale. Our Soul Engine™ integrates deep AI, computational brain models and Experiential Learning to dynamically manage interfaces across all environments, infusing them with intelligence and your brand personality. SoulX™ provides the community, tools and services to deploy with development and brand partners. People Soul Machines is the brainchild of Academy Award winner Dr Mark Sagar and Entrepreneur Greg Cross.  We started with 10 employees in 2016 based in a lab in Auckland, New Zealand. This has quickly grown to 150 and counting with staff representing 17 Countries. Our main centres are Auckland and San Francisco with other offices in New York,  Melbourne, Tokyo and London  We search for curious people who love to solve problems. We’re breaking new ground and every team faces technological challenges that haven’t been faced before, making this a challenging and extremely rewarding place to be.  Our staff have the latest tools and tech needed to do the best job possible. If you need a standing desk then we can make that happen too. Want to work from home? no problem  We regularly put on staff lunches, and of course endless coffee! If you’re in the NZ office we also make our way over to beautiful Waiheke island every Christmas for an amazing meal and wine at one of the world's leading wineries.

Soul Machines Limited

Phoenix, AZ

Senior Backend Developer

Soul Machines is changing the face of human computer interaction, and we're seeking skilled engineers to join the team. We're a hugely diverse team of researchers, engineers, artists and more. With staff from all around the globe we welcome applications from anyone who believes they can add value.

We are looking for an experienced backend developer developer to join our production engineering team. You will be part of a mixed group of front-end and back-end developers who are responsible for building and delivering the client-facing web experience for our AI software. We are looking for someone who is passionate about producing high quality user experiences for the web, and who is considerate of balancing company and customer needs with technical requirements.

The Senior backend developer will be responsible for the development of cutting-edge technology which meets best practice guidelines and result in solutions that exceed customer expectations and are delivered quickly, with minimal technical debt

You will contribute developments to the core product family and supporting tool infrastructure . We are looking for detail focused engineers with experience in all major aspects of the software development lifecycle, from design through to unit testing and product maintenance. Good communications skills and a strong teamwork ethic are essential.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and deliver robust, well tested product features.
  • Contribute to the product design and feature estimation.
  • Contribute to product documentation and unit testing.

Essential skills:

  • 7+ years experience developing internet facing solutions and applications
  • Extensive experience implementing backend services / microservices in Node.js
  • Working experience of unit testing in Node
  • Good understanding of FP and OOP
  • Experience implementing and using HTTP / REST API’s
  • Experience working with a variety of database technologies (SQL & NoSQL)
  • Experience using PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, and ability to communicate with technical and non technical team members.
  • Desirable:

  • Good knowledge of the AWS platform.
  • Experience with containerization of services.
  • Experience with WebSockets and WebRTC.
  • Skill with a modern browser framework like Angular, Vue or React.
  • Linux server management and deployment skills.
  • Other programming languages, particularly Golang, Python.

Whats in it for you?

  • Great salary
  • Flexible work environment
  • Birthday paid day off
  • 401k
  • Health Benefits

Our values


Our number one value is trusted relationships with our customers and employees.


We are wholeheartedly committed to a diverse and inclusive culture. We recruit across the globe, languages and cultures.

Customer Success

Our success depends on the success of our customers and we are dedicated to making sure every experience with a Digital Person is exceptional.

Astounding Product

From day one, we have been laser focused on providing the most astonishing Digital People.

Who should apply

At Soul Machines we want people to feel they can apply for a job even if they don’t think they’re the “perfect” candidate ..perfect doesn’t exist. We don’t just look for people who tick all the boxes, we look for individuals with passion and enthusiasm who want to grow with us.

So whatever your background, if this type of company excites you, then please send us your application. We look forward to speaking with you.