We are an established startup seeking a full stack developer to join our team in a collaborative environment that builds tools and applications for ecommerce and mobile platforms. Our primary vision has been to build tools and resources that help application developers actively engage with their customers using various loyalty rewards and incentive programs. Currently a small, growing, creative company that loves to work smarter towards solving problems. We have a laid-back atmosphere, but a tenacious work ethic and passion for getting things done right the first time.

Share Edge, LLC

United States

Senior Full-Stack Django/Python Developer

$80,000-$120,000 / YEAR

Minimum Requirements:

  • 5+ years’ experience developing large scale web applications in Python/Django.
  • Experience in multiple software development languages, frameworks, and database systems. Core expertise required is Python/Django, PostgreSQL, REST and JSON, and Javascript.
  • Preferred additional experience in Vue.js, HTML 5, CSS, UX/UI markup, Nginx, Uwsgi, AWS/EC2, Sqlite3, Virtualenv, 3rd party API integration, and Sys Admin Knowledge. Extra skill-sets will make you standout and desirable.
  • Experience using Git and a thorough understanding of Agile Development, mobile and web development best practices.
  • Passionate about emerging mobile and software development concepts and technologies.

Subject Matter Expertise:

We prefer developers who have had experience on projects that incorporate at least one of the following: social media, eCommerce, online payment processing, click tracking, Data Science, distributed ledger tech, advertisement delivery, display advertising, branding and online marketing.