Become part of a team that develops software to track production, efficiency, quality and more for manufacturing companies around the world. We are in a unique category of software development that is diversified and stable across numerous manufacturing industries including automotive, electronics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and many more. Sepasoft has a flexible work-hours environment that allows employees to set their own work hours (within reason).  We understand the contributions that every employee has on the overall company success and provide a bonus that is directly tied to company sales. We are an expanding company, and there is opportunity for advancement within our growing team in the future.

Sepasoft, Inc.


Software Product Manager

The position of Product Manager involves driving the vision, strategy, design, and execution of Sepasoft products. The Product Manager must gain a deep understanding of the customer experience to identify and fill product gaps, as well as generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience, and drive company growth. This individual must collaborate effectively with both internal employees and external parties to collect valuable feedback on industry pain points and trends, and communicate them to the Development and Quality Assurance teams. The Product Manager must then collaborate with designers, engineers, and other internal team members to effectively drive implementation of this vision.

The new hire will receive paid training including a combination of self-paced video, classroom, and on-the-job mentoring by senior staff.

The person filling this position must exhibit the ability to learn new software quickly, enjoy working through and solving customer problems, working in independent or team environments, and have a passion for computer technology.