Who is Secfi? Secfi’s mission is to help startup employees & shareholders understand, maximize and unlock the value of their equity. We provide education, tax planning tools and financing to guide employees on their journey from startup to exit.  Our set of online forecasting tools enable individuals to assess the value of their stock options and calculate the cost to exercise. Financing is available to help employees exercise options or unlock liquidity for important financial goals. And our team of Equity Advisors is available to assist every step of the way. We bring clarity, peace of mind and thoughtful planning to thousands of startup employees.  Working for a scale-up feels like building a plane while already flying in the air. It’s messy, it’s exciting, and you are constantly learning. Customer Focus, Perseverance, Action, Ownership, Diversity, and Team are embedded in everything we do.Engineering @ Secfi We work very closely with the product team and help with roadmap decisions and feature definitions. We strive for self managing teams with a lot of flexibility and control over implementation approach. An engineer has the opportunity to own the process of a feature from the design/research phase to the implementation and release. We also are not constrained to our immediate roles and responsibilities of FE or BE developer - we have many groups which we call `Communities of Practice (CoP)` which focus on specific areas such as performance, testing, analytics, data modeling, developer experience, etc. Engineers can freely join these CoPs (or create new ones!) and work on improvements across our codebases and department. We iterate quickly and have a thorough analytics system setup so that we can make data-driven decisions and help our clients as efficient as possible. Even more importantly, we are a family. We hangout outside of work, we have events such as company-sponsored Hackathons and we always treat each other with respect.The things we work on day-to-day The finance and equity space is quite complex and one of the main challenges we face is how to simplify this area into a platform that can easily guide, educate and help our clients know how to understand and maximize the value of their equity. We work on clever solutions to teach complex topics in simple ways so that our clients do not need to do the hard work themselves. We are continuously being critical of ourselves by analyzing our UI/UX experience, talking with clients about our platform and reviewing our own processes internally. We also handle complex tax calculations for our equity tools that require an in-depth understanding of the US tax system and its implications on stock options and shares. This is what you will help us achieveTransitioning to graphQL for backend communication Complex form management involving behind the scenes tax, rates and other financial calculations Removing legacy mobx-state-tree complex codebase in favour of graphQL/Apollo and React context Transitioning our non-uniform codebase into an agreed upon front end architecture Handling important private data and client information securely Global event tracking for our tools and platform Implementing an internal application to manage our clients Unifying micro services into a more maintainable setup Finalizing a best practices agreement As our team grows, we will be challenged to manage dependencies and code conflicts - currently we are two teams with minimal overlap but as we increase our size this will become more important and prevalent Performance of our backend services --> 1) Improve response time of services 2) As our traffic increases we need our infrastructure and endpoints to be able to handle the load Testing - we need conventions on how to write more tests and how to write better effective tests - we do have testing as part of our culture but we need to make it more important and more efficient Aligning deployment and release processes Improve build times of front end repositories Unify CSS approach across repositories (currently handled in multiple ways) Building a UI primitives library leveraged across multiple repositories who all currently approach the UI in slightly different ways 


Amsterdam, NL

Chapter Lead - Front End

Front End - Chapter Lead The team The engineering team owns all of technology within Secfi. Our engineers organize in chapters for each discipline, in which all members help each other with personal and professional growth. Each chapter has a lead who supports the engineers and is responsible for one on ones, career path planning, hiring and the chapter's culture. Secfi's product owners pitch projects that are then tackled by squads formed from the chapters. Cross cutting concerns are addressed in our dedicated “Communities of Practice”: Self managed groups of engineers with a strong interest in a particular field. We are proactive problems solvers who love cooperation and open feedback and who actively seek out help when needed. The role For our Engineering team in Amsterdam we are looking for an experienced, passionate and talented Frontend Chapter Lead, with a fundamental drive to help people grow. You love working with engineers and have a strong, frontend focused background yourself. With the help of your amazing communication skills, you help each member of your team choose the right path for their professional and personal development. Mediating, guiding and coaching engineers on hard and soft skills is one of your main responsibilities in this role. You hold regular one-on-one's and are involved heavily in promotion and salary discussions. Maximum happiness and energy within your team are your first and foremost goal and you yourself get energized by making sure that there is no place your engineers would rather be. Responsibilities:
  • Coach and mentor frontend engineers in soft and hard skill development
  • Together with the engineers prepare and execute individual career paths
  • Remove any obstacles that prevent the team from working well together with each other and with other stakeholders
  • Propose and discuss salaries and promotions with the Director of Engineering

What we're looking for:

  • 3 to 7 years of frontend development experience
  • 3 years of leading engineers or similar people-management experience
  • Very strong communication & team collaboration skills
  • Deep understanding of what drives people and how to best communicate with different personalities
  • Fun, likeable and caring personality
  • Fluency in English

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary, retirement benefits
  • Employee-friendly equity plan
  • Attractive and flexible vacation & parental leave policy
  • Company sponsored lunches, snacks, drinks and team events
  • Work environment designed to help your professional growthHigh-end gear
  • And last but not least, a great and fun experience