We are a company of coaches and servant leaders, not managers.  We respect your experience, training, instincts, and smarts to get us where we need to go.  We hire great team members to guide us through the most efficient, effective, and low-risk paths to client value. We also respect each other's strengths and weaknesses, know when to reach out for help, how to partner up to achieve great things, and look to one another for support. With a hero, you get one shot at success.  With a team you get many. We value pragmatic innovation, cheer the courage it sometimes takes to do big things, value the judgment required to achieve results with integrity and speed, and fuel our teams with a passion to help our clients succeed. The work you will do with us will give you a chance to use technology to combine very old ideas with very new ones to do something that we believe can unlock a new era in innovation for all of healthcare.  In the process, the platform you will help us build will create new jobs and new ways of thinking about an entire sector of the healthcare economy. Along the way, you will work with a team that will coach and support you and looks forward to your coaching and support.  That means you might start out in one place of our company and later realize you can help in another.  We know that if you are passionate about what you do we will see your best work.


Atlanta, GA

Put your Python super powers to work today!

Rialtic is looking for experienced developers to help us create content for the Rialtic platform. The Rialtic platform enables anyone to build a healthcare app, currently written in Python but soon to expand to other languages (e.g., JS), that they can then deploy to our platform. We are expanding our content creation team to build content for the market. Members of this team will work together to create content and accelerate content creation for Rialtic and others. Our platform is designed to enable you to create and deploy engines into production quickly.

You can fast-track your candidacy today by taking our coding assessment!

The key responsibilities of the Insight Engine Developer include:

  • Work with health care policy subject matter experts to create content that can run on the Rialtic platform
  • Load reference data to our platform to accelerate content creation
  • Enhance our software development kit and development tools to accelerate content creation
  • Collaborate with our platform engineering team and product managers to find the fastest paths to customer value
  • Supporting the development and roll-out of new processes and strategies for improving and sustaining exceptional quality levels while accelerating content development.
  • Work with our technical writing team to create and enhance documentation that will help others quickly learn how to create Insight Engines
  • Develop methodologies to enhance Insight Engine quality and design
  • Work discipline through issue management
  • Documentation skills and discipline

Relevant Technology Stack (including but not limited to):

  • GitHub (and GitHub Actions)
  • Python
  • Gherkin
  • Jenkins
  • Pypi

Who you are

  • Adapts easily to changes
  • An eagerness to work with remote, multi-national, multi-cultural teams
  • Fact-driven in analysis and recommendations
  • Curious to learn and explore new approaches
  • Efficient work habits – ability to focus on what matters most
  • Obsession with client value
  • Strong execution skills and action bias

Candidacy Buffs

  • Test driven development experience
  • Experience in healthcare (provider or payer)

This is a remote position that involves extensive communication with colleagues using online services, such as Slack and Zoom. The candidate must have a quiet and private location to work from and fast Internet for seamless, fluid communications.