Resolution Technologies, Inc.

Atlanta, GA

MuleSoft Engineer

$180,000 / YEAR


Looking for a MuleSoft Engineer who is passionate about supporting the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, has analytical and multi-task abilities to thrive in a fast-paced environment, and interacts well with other teams to support integrating MuleSoft with other systems as well as dealing with issues related to the system. MuleSoft Operations Engineers are responsible for the Anypoint Platform. Candidates should have intimate knowledge of the Anypoint Platform, including Runtime Fabric, as well as other MuleSoft tools.

About the MuleSoft Engineer Job

  • Ensuring that the systems are up-to-date, healthy, and functioning properly
  • Integrating the Anypoint platform with other systems like: Splunk, Okta, etc
  • Supporting others trying to integrate with the Anypoint Platform
  • Mentoring other technical resources
  • Troubleshooting issues and working with the monitoring team to ensure automatic detection of the issues moving forward
  • Ensuring proper access for users

MuleSoft Engineer Responsibilities and Day-to-Day View

  • Identify and remediate problems with the platform
  • Escalate and track issues using MuleSoft cases
  • Collaborate with other teams to support new applications and integrations
  • High level of experience with Anypoint, RTF, Ops Center, and other MuleSoft tools
  • Proficient with Kubernetes and Docker
  • Strong troubleshooting skills including network connectivity issues
  • Proficient with Linux, command line tools, and scripting/automation
  • Track key performance indicators for the MuleSoft Anypoint platform
  • Develop, document, and improve operational processes

MuleSoft Engineer Required Qualifications

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience supporting the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • 1+ years of hands-on experience with the MuleSoft Runtime Fabric (RFT)
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Linux command line tools, scripting, regular expressions, and automation
  • Prior Linux/UNIX Engineering and/or DevOps Engineering background preferred