When you think of Rain Bird, the first thing you think of is probably our sprinklers. Our irrigation systems are used by homes, golf courses, corporate campuses, and more all around the world.But those systems don’t just run on their own. They are all managed by sophisticated controllers that are getting more advanced by the day. It won’t be long before homeowners can simply program in their location and what they’re growing, and the system will be able to figure out exactly how much to water and when. Rain Bird takes an active part in the Internet of Things and developing smarter and simpler ways for everyone to control their irrigation systems. We continually develop new ways to interconnect irrigation systems components and to connect the irrigation system to external systems and data. Our goal is to lead the industry in connectivity and control of residential, commercial, agricultural, and golf irrigation. Rain Bird Controllers And The Technology Behind Them Our latest controller, the ESP-LXIVM, won the Irrigation Association’s 2020 New Product Contest in the Landscape Irrigation category. It introduces game-changing technology as the industry’s most advanced high-capacity controller. One major feature is its Integrated Valve Module, or IVM, with Smart Valve technology, which allows for two-way communication between the controller and the valve.The ESP-LXIVM makes use of two Rain Bird technology features: FloManager™ and FloWatch™. These allow the controller to automatically create watering schedules that optimize flow and watering time based on needs and flow capabilities. They also work with Rain Bird’s Weather Stations, which smartly adjust watering based on rainfall, high or low temperatures, and more.Users can take control of their irrigation systems from anywhere with the Rain Bird app. Almost anyone who uses Rain Bird systems can make use of the Rain Bird app to manage their irrigation schedules right from their smartphones. To make things even easier for homeowners, Rain Bird systems can connect to your smart home as well, with Amazon Alexa and Google Home support.Central to all of our developments is the idea of the Intelligent Use Of Water™. We want to conserve water through tools like FloManager and Weather Stations. We also do research on the most effective ways to use water to grow healthy plants. For example, we were able to determine that larger water droplets are more wind resistant and therefore more likely to reach the intended target. The end result is more healthy plant life with less water consumed. How To Become An Engineer At Rain Bird Rain Bird is actively hiring the best engineers in the industry. We’re looking for software engineers, especially those with experience in mobile apps and AWS servers. We’re seeking embedded engineers and firmware engineers. Most importantly, we want engineers who are ready to push the boundaries of what irrigation software can do and implement next-level technology that will help promote the Intelligent Use Of Water.What is it like to work as an engineer at Rain Bird? Everyone working at Rain Bird is intelligent and highly qualified, and constantly encouraging those around them to think harder, learn more, and challenge themselves and others. Our engineers can expect to develop new ideas and run with them. We are all passionate about delivering the highest quality products. Our small, development-driven teams are backed by the security of working for an industry leader with 80 years of growth that has experience turning ideas into reality.If you’re wondering where to work as a software engineer, look no further than Rain Bird. Rain Bird has engineering jobs in Tucson, Arizona, and San Diego, California. Visit the Rain Bird Careers page to learn more about jobs at Rain Bird and current openings.

Rain Bird Corporation

Tucson, AZ

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer - Saving one drop of water at a time!

$130,000-$175,000 / YEAR

Working in the Early New Product Research team, you will assist with activities including technology research, building leading edge prototypes, leading outsource teams, legal considerations, test approaches for systems and nodes, and a variety of other tasks.

  • Collaborate directly and effectively with multiple other teams including hardware, firmware, DEVOPS, cloud software, mobile apps, product marketing, management stakeholders, legal, manufacturing, quality assurance and test automation to assure that product development priorities are completed to schedule and budget, while ensuring quality and product performance requirements are met.
  • Responsible for leading and managing select projects in collaboration with stakeholders and/or external vendors. Projects can be related to systems, hardware, firmware, applications or research. Report status and/or progress against the plans and activities to project stakeholders
  • Understand entire electronic intellectual product (IP) portfolio, product inter-relationships and maintain working knowledge of all Rain Bird systems. Review project documentation to provide detailed feedback; contribute directly to system improvements
  • Participate in sustaining activities for existing products including diagnosis and resolution of defects
  • In some cases, gather feedback from cross organizational teams and perform implementation of all automated tests and equipment drivers, which could be written in C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, Java, or other appropriate and cost effective test automation scripting languages.
  • In some cases, responsible for writing high-quality, well-documented, and robust code for innovative technology or product prototypes
  • In some cases, investigate, track and be resident expert on test automation tools, software stacks, and best practices. Assist in identifying opportunities for more robust DFT requirements.
  • Responsible for keeping excellent, organized project records and documentation. Work within existing product development and release processes; but contribute to process improvement through recommendations and experimentation.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS in Electrical, Electronic, or Computer Science Engineering, related technical degree or equivalent extensive experience
  • Track record of innovative and creative thinking used to create effective solutions for engineering and the customer
  • Exposure to full product life cycle from concept to production release
  • Evidence of strong architecture design thinking and ability to clearly document designs
  • Experience managing using both waterfall and agile methodologies
  • Experience managing 3rd party engineering development vendors (any discipline)
  • At least 3 years’ hands on, embedded experience using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Teensy, etc.
  • At least 3 years’ hands on, test automation experience.
  • Experience with at least one of the following: Java, Java Scripting or Swing
  • Experience with at least one of the following: Perl, Python, C, C++, C#.
  • Experience with at least one of the following: XML or JSON.
  • Experience with multi-tasking or multi-threading with and without RTOS implementations
  • Experience in use of advanced development/debugging tools; e.g. C/C++ compilers, ICE, JTAG, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal), works effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Proven experience in a team-oriented work environment.
  • Self-starter, detail oriented, analytical, problem solver.


  • Demonstrated vision and ability to create, design, document and communicate architectures and interoperable systems across device and team boundaries.
  • Experience using tools and toolchains, such as IAR, Jira, Jenkins, Perforce, GIT, CI/CD
  • Demonstrable understanding of the basics of common Internet, IoT and M2M protocols and methods such TCP, UDP, HTTP, TLS, NAT, MQTT, CoAP
  • Experience with relational databases, such as SQL
  • Experience with Selenium or Appium a plus.
  • Experience with Angular a plus.
  • Experience with IoT infrastructure (Amazon, proprietary or other) a plus.

Rain Bird is an Equal Opportunity Employer.