Passio is a machine learning company specializing in on-the-edge machine learning and real-time user interaction & engagement. Our first products (currently in beta) are designed to help companies to add real-time food recognition system to their applications and empower their users with tools for seamless food tracking and nutrition insights.Our recognition technology runs on edge devices with real-time speeds and is designed for integration into enterprise apps and products via easy-to-use SDKs and APIs. Our team can work closely with the enterprise customers to make integration of Passio's platform effortless and to create fully customized solutions.

Passio Inc.

United States

Machine Learning Engineer


Passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and the future of edge-AI? Read on!

Passio is looking for a talented ML/AI Engineer to join our team.

 Why should you be excited?

We created a new interactive edge-ai platform powered by neural networks running on mobile devices and enabling new types of personalized UX that at the interface of AI and AR. Take a look at the capabilities of our Nutrition-AI product and imagine the opportunities it represents:

You will be working with a talented team of Ph.D.'s and AI scientists and see the results of your work impacting lives of millions of people around the world.


  • Work with our engineering team on development of the next gen. neural networks
  • Develop on-device voice-driven conversational AI systems
  • Help us developing machine learning techniques for reconstruction of 3D environments
  • Explore ways to speed up the performance of neural networks on mobile devices, AR devices, and edge-compute platforms.
  • Work with our mobile engineers to build new user experiences at the intersection of AI and AR
  • Support development of fully automated self-learning AI systems
  • Support development of automated AI pipelines for both internal and external customers


  • 2+ years experience with machine learning
  • 4+ years experience with software development
  • Background in computer science or adjacent fields (e.g., physics, math).
  • Hands-on experience implementing ML algorithms in C/C++ and Python.
  • Experience with TensorFlow
  • Experience implementing machine learning algorithms on embedded platforms or mobile environments is a plus
  • Agility and willingness to work in a rapidly growing startup environment

Why apply

  • You want to excel in a small, lean startup environment
  • You have experience working in a demanding research or startup environment
  • You're looking for a new challenge in life
  • You want to see the results of your work impacting lives of millions of people around the world