Osso VR is the leading Virtual Reality Surgical Training & Assessment Platform with a mission to improve patient outcomes, increase the adoption of higher-value medical technologies and democratize global access to the latest surgical techniques. We recently raised $14 million and are adding to our fully remote team to meet the needs of our growing customer base. Our VR engineering team works closely with our team of medical illustrators and art specialists to enable them to create beautiful, high quality VR training content efficiently. This includes implementing new VR interactions; helping implement and optimize visual effects; performance profiling and optimization; developing Unity editor tools and art pipeline tools to improve artist workflow; adding support for new VR headsets and platforms; implementing our collaborative training (multiplayer) features; extending the functionality of our VR training platform and collecting analytics on training performance. Our Platform team works closely with the VR engineering team and the content creators to build out our backend systems supporting content distribution and deployment; analytics storage and display; user and organization management; collaborative training scheduling and server management and the web frontend presenting all this functionality to our users.
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