Have you ever had trouble finding a document if you didn’t remember if it was in Google Drive, Dropbox, or shared in Slack? Nira started with an idea to unify search across multiple cloud-based document services. We launched publicly almost 3 years ago. Recently we started building our second product which helps customers understand their document security. Nira started as a fully remote team and we’re spread across the globe, including Australia, Canada, Dubai, Europe, India, New Zealand and the United States. As a company, we embody 4 key principles:Customers come first - Obsess over customer needs. Think like a customer. Maximize customer value. Show up - Be present. Care deeply about the work. Take initiative and be an owner. Be Decisive - Make smart decisions. Aim for speed. Deliver results. Learn, teach, and coach - Improve yourself. Empower others. Succeed as a team.On our engineering team you can expect:We trust you 100% on day one - Deliver what you promise and confidence in you will grow infinitely. Extreme ownership - With 100% trust comes an extreme level of ownership you may not have experienced in other teams. Autonomy - Ownership comes with autonomy to make decisions and take initiative in areas you’re passionate about. Feedback and coaching - Out team wants to help one another grow. We’re open to feedback, love to give feedback, and coach each other.As a fully remote engineering team, here is a little bit about how we work and communicate:Slack and Google Meet for synchronous communication Message boards and Google Docs for asynchronous communication Basecamp and GitHub Issues to manage projects One all-hands engineering meeting each week, two project standup meetings each week


Site Reliable Engineer ? AWS | Distributed Systems | 100% Remote

$100,000-$150,000 / YEAR

What You’ll Do

  • Architecture design, performance optimization, and data modeling.
  • Deployments, infrastructure/exceptions monitoring, and automation.
  • Cost optimization and scaling.
  • Code standards, code reviews, technical planning/research, and testing/QA.
  • Investigate and resolve bugs/customer issues.
  • Assist in scoping, estimating, and planning of projects.

Who We’re Looking For

  • You should intimately know AWS, including: CloudFormation, ECS, CodePipeline, Elasticache, Lambda, RDS, S3.
  • You have at least 5 years of experience building, managing, and scaling infrastructure for web applications, preferably on serverless technology.
  • You have experience with Python, Docker, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka.
  • You have experience with performance optimization and incident response.
  • You’re able to make decisions and think deeply, even when details are limited
  • You’re customer-focused and deeply care about user experience and product quality
  • You’re willing to do whatever it takes, even if this means working outside of your role (backend help frontend, frontend, handle customer support, etc