How will the future of payments look like in a modern society and what is the future technology behind? Meet Nets, a leading European payment company headquartered in Denmark but present in 19 countries throughout Europe, with an ambition to transform the payment industry. The Nordics is the most advanced and digitized regions in Europe in terms of the transition towards cashless and digital societies. Approximately 80% of all payments are digital, and national digital identity schemes provides one uniform way for citizens to access digital services across corporate and government sectors.  Nets delivers critical parts of the technology backbone that drives European digitization. We deliver payment solutions for e-commerce and merchants for all international payment schemes, we deliver the national identity schemes of Denmark, Norway, and Finland and we lead the way for the rest of Europe to follow track. Together we are 4100 colleagues across Europe working to change payments for an easier tomorrow and by that, changing the life of everyone around us.
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