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Need for Physician Assistant to administer COVID-19 Vaccine- Nationwide (Active or Retired)


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We are expecting a need request from FEMA for Medical Personnel ( Active or Retired ) for administering COVID- 19 Vaccine. Personnel needed for these services are not limited to doctors, nurses, or phlebotomist but to all healthcare professionals, including Physician Assistant, that are certified to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our personnel will work hand-in-glove with the National Guard, state and local teams for the administration of COVID-19 vaccine.

These services will need to be provided as necessary in areas located throughout the United States and its Territories (American Samoa, Guam, Johnston Atoll, Midway Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Wake Island).

We are gearing up to assist FEMA in its mission to provide federal support to existing or new community vaccination centers and mobile clinics across the country.

Please let us know if you are interested. If interested, please provide latest resume with your assignment location(s) choice. If anywhere in US & Its Territories, please let us know as well.

Expected Start Date Range: 2/7/2021 to 2/25/2021

Expected Assignment Duration: Six Months

Location: Throughout US State & Its Territories.

Planned Pay rate: $90 per Hour.

(Reimbursable Expenses: Travel Expense, Hotel Expense, Car Rental Expense, Gas Receipt, Parking, Toll & Taxis). Plus, there will be Per Diem ranges (Per GSA Standard) from $40 per Day to $116 per Day- for meals and Incidentals- depending on location of the assignment.

No Expense Reimbursement for personnel’s residence of record (home) is within 50 miles.

Person needs to be available for assignment within 72 hours of notice and will through Background Check.

Please call for any questions. Thanks,

Jayesh Desai, President

National Disaster Recovery Technical Assistance Consultants, Inc.
59 Court Street, Suite: 202
Binghamton, NY 13901
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Job Requirements
  • Perform other social services-related case management duties
  • Provide regular updates regarding case activity regarding case activity
  • Coordinate member's case management services
  • Providing case management services directly to clients
  • Provide case management services for clients and families within BHRS
  • Assist in the case management
  • Utilize case management computer system
  • Perform patient assessment for case management needs
  • Maintain an assigned caseload for case management services
  • Find a case manager assistant
  • Provide case management services to geriatrics patients
  • Perform case assessment and evaluation
  • Respond appropriately to emergency situations
  • Implement procedures for referrals to community resources
  • Make initial case assessment and ongoing assessments
  • Provide case management, direct legal options counseling, advocacy and court accompaniment for clients in the legal program
  • Delivering case management/counseling services for clients and families
  • Participate in all case consultation meetings, staff meetings and case conferences
  • Work closely with patient/family to case
  • Participate in case assessments and progress conferences