Nanome is changing how we understand, design, and interact with science. We develop intuitive virtual reality tools for experimentation, collaboration, and learning at the molecular level. Nanome’s immersive virtual workspaces allow users to visualize, modify, and simulate chemical compounds, proteins, and nucleic acids to help improve the Drug Discovery process.

Nanome Inc

American Samoa

Senior Full-Stack Web Developer (Vue & Node)

$84,000-$120,000 / YEAR

This role is a 2-3 month contractor role for a full-stack web development position with a clearly defined and scoped streaming video on demand (SVOD) project with 80% of the MVP completed.

It is perfect for anyone looking to pick up a few month long dev contract between gigs and wants to increase their skills along with some solid cash. The project uses industry standard frameworks - Vue.js on the frontend and Node.js/Express/Postgres for the backend. The role is fully remote and due to the nature of the clearly scoped project will be a relatively autonomous role - every software engineers dream.

The project has 80% of the core MVP complete and has been an active project for 1 year; both designs and functional requirements have already been scoped. Previous senior devs who have worked on the project will be available for onboarding/questions/advice (had to move to another project). This project is also being developed for another company and at the end of the contract there is a possibility of extended employment/contract work.


  • Several years of experience as a software engineer
  • Vue.js experience from either a previous role or for a personal project
  • 2 years min Node.js professional experience
  • Extremely proficient written and spoken english