Mullan, Inc.

Jacksonville, FL

Client Rep - Retail or Hospitality Experience Wanted - Entry Level Full Time

Restaurant and Retail experience wanted for Entry Level Sales and Marketing Positions!

We know that individuals with restaurant backgrounds know what it means to work hard and communicate effectively without losing their upbeat attitudes. At Mullan, Inc. we are looking for just those qualities to join us for our entry level sales and marketing positions. Our team of individuals knows how to work hard, communicate effectively and have fun doing it!

At Mullan, Inc. we want to teach sales and marketing fundamentals and then move individuals into management, it's how we expand our company!

This position is full time and involves responsibilities in:

  • Entry level sales & marketing customer service
  • Entry-level management training- customer service
  • Sales and marketing presentations- customer service
  • Face to face sales and marketing of new services for our clients
  • Sales and marketing techniques
  • Training current sales and marketing reps in customer service

Mullan, Inc. cross-trains all employees within leadership development which includes:

  • Interviewing
  • Sales and marketing training fundamentals
  • Team building and mentoring
  • Entry level marketing and sales consulting

Benefits & Our Culture

The management, sales & marketing team at Stella Connect offers an environment where our employee’s ideas are not only heard but implemented. We offer a team based and structured environment, however, employees are expected to be self-disciplined in managing their own time and work schedule.

· Fun, team building environment

· Travel Opportunities

· Leadership workshops & development

· Financial management, business management, time management

· Philanthropy events – a chance to give back to the community

· Recognition for top performers

· Advancement to management based on performance

Job Requirements

Job Requirements

- 2 year degree OR equivalent experience

- 2 years of customer service OR sales experience

- Leadership skills

- Flexible Schedule

- Ability to work in a team setting or individually