Morgan Services, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN

Receiving Department

$27,000-$36,000 / YEAR

Job Summary

Receiving members (2nd shift production) work in the Soil department.  Their primary function is to sort all incoming material.  Members in this department can work on the soil sort stations, bag hanging stations, belt and or sling hanging station. Fundamentally – they are responsible for moving the soil items from small bags recovered from various customer locations, counting this soil through an automated vacuum sort system and preparing the sorted soil to be processed in the laundry facility.


The main function of hiring position is washer load/unload, dryer load/unload, mat rolling and prepping for mats, laundry bags, assorted mops for Route delivery.  They also back up the Receiving Department functions.

General Description

Further description of duties is below, including the ability to stand during the shift, perform repetitive motions, moderate weightlifting (30 to 50 pounds) from floor to waist and partially supported lifted from waist to overhead. Must be computer literate and possess essential math skills. Must be tolerable of unexpected events, meet meticulous performance standards and work within uncontrolled climate conditions.


Members are also responsible for changing over from hospitality linen to healthcare linen which includes disinfecting all tables, port holes and hoppers, wearing the required PPE including fluid resistant gowns, latex or rubber gloves and face masks.


Hours: 1:30p-finish (Monday/Tuesday) normal hours are 230pm-finish; can be up to 10 hour shift per day Monday – Friday.

Job Requirements

General Requirements

  • Lifting requirement: Members required to lift up to 50lbs. Members are required to hang soil bags on hooks on conveyor system.
  • Pushing and Pulling: Members require pushing of product slings up to workstation (sling lift or belt).  Slings vary in weight depending on product type.   Repetitive twisting, turning, leaning to one side frequently and bending to pick up linen from floor to load into slings or place on sort station.  Linens vary in weight.
  • Receiving Members are certified and required to work as needed in the following areas
    • Soil Sort Station
    • Bag Hanging Station
    • Sling Hanging Station
    • Belt Person
  • Repetitive Motions:   
    • Twisting and turning at waist and shoulders
    • Reaching overhead
    • Lifting from ground to waste (30 to 50 pounds)
    • Entering information on a touch sensitive computer screen
    • Positioning soil bags over workstation / washer / dryer require overhead partial lifting, pushing and pulling of the soil bags
    • Standing while performing all duties

 Specific to Counting

Receiving members perform duties while standing at a ‘sorting table’. The soil they count comes to them on an overhead gravity fed rail system. Once soil bags reach a station the member positions the bag over the table, drops the contents of the bag onto the table and partially separates the soil into small ‘like’ piles. The member removes the ticket from the soil bag and scans this ticket into the automated soil system. Customer information appears on a touch sensitive screen. Members select the item they wish to count on the screen which activates the vacuum sorting and counting system. Members then find only that selected item and feed this soil into a port hole which counts the soil and sends it to a hopper to be collected until the counting of this item is complete. Members have two port holes to work with enabling them to count two separate items at the same time or one item on both port holes. While performing these duties members are reaching overhead to position the soil bag and release the soil. There is repetitive right to left movement of the entire torso while performing this function. 


Specific to Bag/Sling Hanging Duties

Receiving members perform duties while operating on the floor. The soil they count comes to them in soil bags from the customer.  Bags are hung on hooks that are part of the overhead gravity rail system.  Typically the member will hang two bags on each hook unless the soil bags are extremely light allowing for three bags to be hung on a hook.  The floor operator is responsible for operating the incline for the bags as well as opening and closing the proper gates to load the correct rails that feed the sorting tables.  As the sort is being performed on the sort tables, material will accumulate in the slings.  The floor worker is responsible for changing out full slings for empties to keep the soil moving.  The full slings are then weighed and the weight is adjusted by adding or subtracting material from the sling.  The proper weight for each item is on a chart located on or near the scale.  The weight should be +/- five pounds for optimal cleaning.  The sling is then hung onto the lift and sent to the correct overhead rail completely sorted and ready to wash.



            The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed.  They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list to all responsibilities, duties and skill sets required.