Cerbo is a small (but growing!) tech company comprised of a supportive team of oddballs and animal lovers.  Our roles vary, but every member of our team is equally important; even the founders are just regular members of the team.  We all pitch in on tasks, client support, cheerleading, and comic relief.    We believe that self-care is important and offer a flexible work/life balance.  We have weekly trivia adventures, semi-regular virtual happy hour on Friday's, and once COVID chills out pizza parties are guaranteed (with respect for all dietary needs)!!!   We also have occasional part-time team members of the canine variety, so if you have a dog that's mellow in the office, feel free to submit their resume as well!


Portland, OR

Mid and Senior LAMP Developer Positions at PDX Medical Software Startup (EHR)

$50,000-$130,000 / YEAR

Cerbo is small tech company located at the Glass Lab in the industrial eastside of Portland, Oregon. We are always looking for exceptional full-stack developers to join our collegial, fun, thoughtful team of weirdos (hey, we are in Portland!).

Cerbo is an electronic health records (EHR) and patient portal software system, built on a LAMP stack. It is used by healthcare offices across the country – and some around the world – for most everything they do in their day-to-day. The software grew from developer’s nights-and-weekends project into one of the leading EHR systems in our niches: functional or “root cause” medicine and membership- or cash-based clinics. Because of our unique origins, we often approach things a bit differently. Success for us is less about the bottom line, and more about providing a great product, operating with integrity, and supporting our clients and our team.

We are now a team of 7 developers and 10 account managers/ other staff. We are looking to add developers to the team who can take ownership of some significant new feature development. Specific priority gaps that we are looking to fill are:

  • A mid or senior level data import specialist, likely working in part on a staggered schedule - weekends/ after hours are prime hours for data imports.
  • A mid or senior level front-end/ design specialist (who is also a full stack developer)

While experience is important, what we’re really looking for is a candidate with a rock-solid work ethic and uncommon amounts of common sense. Someone who can take assignments and run with them, and productively tackle problems they haven’t seen before. If that's you, please apply!

About the Job

Our software does a LOT of different things: accounting and billing; capturing, storing, and tracking medical information; integrating with laboratories; allowing co-management of records with patients via the Patient Portal; appointment scheduling and task management; etc., etc. Our team is too small to split up the work very much between specialists. Meaning that every developer must be willing and able to tackle any challenge that arises, from SQL to PHP to Javascript and CSS.

The candidate will be asked to build (and take ownership) of new features, improve existing code, manage data imports, and even pitch in on technical support. We have a collegial, non-hierarchical team, and a collaborative attitude is essential.


  • Author, maintain, and modify existing PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS source code.
  • Create useable and elegant front-end interfaces using frameworks and plain old Javascript.
  • Develop integrations with third-party software through a variety of APIs (both modern/RESTful APIs and legacy SOAP and SFTP systems).
  • Import electronic data into our software for clients that are coming from another electronic system.
  • Shepherd projects through code review, revision, UX review, beta testing, and deployment.
  • Assist with technical support (we all pitch in!) and otherwise with tasks as needed to help the team.

The job involves deploying updates and changes to web applications in a production environment. The ideal candidates will follow and understand best-practices, as well as how to work with legacy code-bases. And they will use that knowledge to help improve not only the product, but also our internal systems and practices. A successful candidate must hold themselves accountable to themselves, clients, and the team.

Key Skills

  • Successful construction of Web application projects using LAMP stack.
  • Comfortable with both OOP and Functional approaches to PHP programming.
  • Comfortable with Javascript and at least a couple of Javascript Frameworks.
  • Comfortable with MySQL.
  • Strong CSS and HTML skills.
  • Basic Linux and Apache configuration and management experience.
  • And above all, work ethic, common sense, and follow-through! You must be able to meet deadlines, multitask efficiently, and make sure that co-workers and clients are happy.

It would also be nice if you…

  • Have experience with medical workflows and vocabulary.
  • Have experience with HL7 (version 2.x and 3).
  • Have experience with CCDA/ CCR/ CCD XML formats.
  • Have handled IT or networking support in other positions.

Education and Certifications

Formal education and certifications are a plus, but in no way required.

Compensation and Work Location

Compensation $50,000-$130,000, depending upon experience. Plus we offer health, dental, 401k, PTO/ holidays, short and long-term disability coverage, and paid parental leave. We also have a track record of giving large year-end bonuses, which we use as an informal profit-sharing mechanism. And we provide ergonomic office equipment (standing desks, specific other equipment by request), flexible work from home (especially during COVID), and have regular staff happy hours (in non-COVID times).

Our office is a beautiful, light-filled corner suite at the Glass Lab in inner SE Portland. As an office, we’re following COVID recommendations closely and many staff members are highly COVID-cautious. Some are working 100% remote during COVID, and others are in the office part time only based on a staggered schedule. While we would prefer to hire locally and have the candidate working in the office post-COVID, we are also open to a remote hire.

To Apply

Please email a cover letter, resume, and contact information for 2+ professional references to Ajé at jobs@cer.bo. We'd also love to see examples of your work. That could be code samples and/ or links to your Github account(s), Stack Overflow profile, etc.