McElroy Metal


Store Manager

$30,000-$75,000 / YEAR

The Store Manager is responsible for managing the retail store in the selling of metal building components, supervises employees, counter sales, bookkeeping, marketing, inventory control, orders stock, and typical warehouse operations such as receiving, loading, unloading, etc. The Store Manager reports to the Area Manager.

Some of the essential functions of the Store Manager position are:

  • Coordinates scheduling, distribution, warehousing, and selling activities in accordance with policies and procedures established by the company.
  • Uses product and construction knowledge to assist customers.
  • Establishes prices to be competitive in market area.
  • Responsible for daily bookkeeping and bank deposits.
  • Assigns work duties and schedules employees.
  • Interviews, selects, trains, motivates, and evaluates employees.
  • Organizes office and warehouse for most efficient usage for equipment, material layout, cutting, and shipping operations.
  • Responsible for ordering stock and keeping adequate inventory levels.
  • Maintains accurate paperwork including invoices, credit memos, quotes, purchase orders, transfers, daily and monthly reports.
  • Estimates materials and costs for contractors and individuals.
  • Works with advertising agency to determine optimal media coverage to effectively promote products.
  • Maintains good relationship with customers.
  • Reviews costs and expenses and develops plans to increase margins.
  • Preparing UPS shipments and shipping for other freight companies both incoming and outgoing.
  • Responsible for keeping stores in compliance with all safety and environmental codes as well as maintaining building security.
Job Requirements

Some of the requirements of the Store Manager position are:

  • High School Diploma
  • 2-3 years of store operations as Rover, Assistant Manager, or Associate Manager.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Construction experience preferred.
  • Working knowledge of computers.

Some of the Benefits McElroy Metal offers are:

  • Comprehensive medical plan for all regular, full-time employees and their dependents
  • Prescription card benefit
  • Dental plan for all regular, full-time employees and their dependents
  • Life insurance for all regular, full-time employees at no cost to the employee
  • Employee Assistance Program for all our employees and their immediate family members
  • Short-term and Long-term disability insurance for all regular, full-time employees at no cost to the employee
  • Educational Assistance Program
  • 401(k) Plan, a company match and a profit-sharing plan
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Vacation, Paid Holidays and Paid Sick Leave for regular, full-time employees
  • Financial performance incentive programs
  • In-house and outside employee training and development opportunities