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DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer, A typical Day might include the following.

  • Use infrastructure as code and configuration management tools to build and maintain highly available, secure, resilient, and scalable systems in the cloud.
  • Collaborate with the development team to ship new features and services into production.
  • Use tools and scripting languages to automate processes.
  • Configure and manage servers running various operating systems, data sources like MySQL, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop, etc.
  • Develop and improve operational practices and procedures.
  • Understand how IT operations are managed.
  • Manage source control including SVN and GIT.

This job is for you if

You are good at -

  • Building tools and CI/CD pipelines
  • Deployment of automation tools such Jenkins, Travis CI, CodePipeline, Codebuild
  • Containerization and container orchestration technology (Docker, Kubernetes).
  • Source control and administration tools including Git, VPN, Secure Shell, etc.
  • Linux or Unix-like systems administration, performance, and tuning.

You are extra awesome at -

  • Infrastructure automation and monitoring using tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Helm, Perl/bash/python Scripting, Amazon SDKs/CLI, (Cloudwatch, Log stash, Kibana, Log Analytics,
  • Public Cloud (IaaS, PaaS) and Infrastructure as Code capabilities.
  • Using scripting languages (Ruby, Python, Bash) and configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, etc).
  • Motivated and Driven to work with system and networking concepts and troubleshooting techniques
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies including EC2, S3, RDS, ECS, ECR, etc.
  • Experience on a remote-focused team